A wonderful encounter
Is the process of savoring chocolate
At first it was a bitter taste
In this bitterness slowly oozes sweetness
Wonderful taste, delicate and smooth
Like a loving atmosphere

What can be more silky than this?
Maybe only silk can match it


– Silkworms –

Also known as natural silk, it is silky, comfortable, stylish, and has the reputation of “the second skin of the human body” and the “fiber queen”.
Rich in amino acids, it can promote the vitality of skin cells; it also has excellent antibacterial properties, anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, healthy score.

Spring silkworms are dead to silk – seven characters, describing the life of silkworms.
The silkworm eggs ant the silkworms and 3-4 times the moltings; the young silkworms to the mature silkworms need to go through 30 days of experience.

Silking – Cocooning – Adulting – Chemical moths, pods are drilled, and finally males and females are mated and die after spawning.
The 8 week life cycle is spectacular and beautiful, short but wonderful.
“Silk” is the proof of the existence of silkworms, and it is also the most beautiful gift left to the world.

The gentle and comfortable smooth texture gives the best visual experience.
Different waist, neckline design, simple and stylish and show the perfect body.
Silk fabric allows you to enjoy this silky touch.

May, in cashmere family, meet together
Inline silky


Silk Silk Daily Care Tips

Hand wash gently, do not wring dry, hang in a cool, ventilated place, better with natural air.

Store in a dry, sheltered and dark place, and store it in a hanging position. Take out the air properly to prevent moldy deterioration.

Try to avoid clothing rubbing against rough objects in daily life to avoid hooking.

If hooked, use a small scissors to carefully remove the wire and gently pull on both sides until flattened.

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