Tender June is about the past, for small partners are still in school, ushered in a splendid summer. Intense study ended, it is time to enjoy this vacation. Time for family go on a trip, enjoy the sun, sand, coast and warm family together time, met the most beautiful journey encounter.


Walking in France Seine shore
Unique style and feel the exotic romance
Walk in Venice, Italy
Feel the breath of history Watertown Renaissance
He came to the paradise of Maldives
Feel the share moved from the last paradise
A romantic walk in any town in Europe
We knew it was attracted to the town’s style


Rich exotic
Featuring local cuisine
Gem commodities, markets
The ever-changing views
Dreams of local culture
Literary temperament retro romantic city
Different countries, ethnic origin, color, language
Encounter collision
Give you a different surprise and joy


Nothing can stop us
A stay away trip
For fashionable you
Appropriate holiday dress essential
Because you are the most beautiful scenery in the road
A beautiful cashmere scarves family
Mimi can help you exit
Pocketed keep returning

Style A


▲ 6354804 beige Thames Town scarves
▲ 92% 8% cashmere wool

European-style town came early in the morning
Feel odd, ancient, sun, quiet town scenery
Pick a century-old restaurant on the town
Leisurely taste authentic cuisine
A Thames Town scarves
Faint glimpse of the town’s houses and streets
Make your trip more perfect

20160630_230955_004 20160630_230955_005

Besides there
Island resort may occur
Windy or rainy weather
Preparation of a family of cashmere scarves
Banmei of efficacy as well as warm


Midday paternity action to the sea
Natural beaches, coconut trees, beauty
Eyes are glittering beach
To a close contact with the sea
Wearing sexy bikini
When a good figure to show
A family of cashmere scarves
Let your gift sexy charm

Style B


▲ 6354809 powder snow and blue scarves Shuiguang
▲ 92% 8% cashmere wool
Tips: purchase, please click on the bottom left end of the text, “read the original”


Amidst glittering scarves
Pale blue powder snow
Reveals elegant fragrance
Thrown into the sea like a moonlight scene
It brings you a hint comfortable on the road


Have you ever noticed
Dyeing is gorgeous sunset sky
It is one of the world’s most beautiful scenery
Stop at sunset
Quietly enjoy this quiet away from the hustle
Ears sea breeze, the sound of the waves
The distance sailing, surfing tourists
Enjoy the beautiful beach feast it


Navy blue scarves holiday afterglow
Colorful layered
As you feel beautiful, like a vacation
Blue sky beauty cuisine
As all this
Cashmere scarves bring your family
Share the same beauty and serenity

Style C


▲ 6354813 navy blue scarves holiday afterglow
▲ 92% 8% cashmere wool


When the moon climb trees
Back to the cool air-conditioned room watching TV
Or a family get together to chat
This time may wish to put on a woolen scarf
Care of your body
You will not let the cool air is blown cold


After reading small series for you to create a wonderful journey, it is not it can not wait? ! Beautiful white lotus, silent quiet hibiscus, Hang pink roses in full bloom. Relax tired soul, prepare beautiful and comfortable outfit accessories, and most importantly with people who turn summer unforgettable journey!


(Pictures above are from METTE cashmere family)


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