Knitting sweater for dating in the spring season, with only cashmere cardigan do the best

Knit every wardrobe must-have item(especially for cashmere sweater), no longer belong only in spring and autumn.

Throughout the year we can not do without it!

Colorful different length sweater is the current season’s hot single product, with different styles of clothes, or a quiet lady, or intellectual competence, or vintage art, romantic or fresh, elegant style or a sweater all …… seal the deal, bid farewell to the monotonous, turned fashion Variety girl!

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Cashmere cardigan + pants

Classic solid color V-neck knit cardigan with casual vest or T-shirt, pants with jeans, casual pants, both simple and comfortable, cool full vigor; capable neat, neutral handsome, and instantly improve temperament queen, fashion darling heart love!

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Cashmere cardigan + shirts

Common with: cashmere cardigan inside with a shirt, even more capable intellectual, generous nature, going out or to wear to work are praised. Also can be used with other primer shirt Slim models, with simple and elegant style is better, this match is more casual, but also a favorite choice of many people

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Cashmere cardigan + small skirt

If you are a Korean Fan children little girl, with a round neck inside leisure shirt, black and white best, lower body with a small skirt. This match is very sweet and by age, but also amplified the gentle feminine.

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Cashmere cardigan + dressone-piece

Soft knit cashmere cardigan fresh spring very practical, with a lot of girls like to dress with a cardigan. With print dress, lady style dress, look soft and moving, knit cardigan short paragraph style with dresses look tall and slim, light and graceful, this one to wear flowers, really romantic. Also can be used with pure color dress, romantic and fresh.

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Cashmere cardigan + Skirt or shorts + package

White cashmere cardigan vest as a classic match, will never become obsolete. Bottoms shorts, vibrant, youthful atmosphere blowing, casual yet stylish. Or with a skirt package hip, very modern fashion Oh!

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Cashmere cardigan + other

Simple cashmere cardigan with long paragraph skirts, elegant Smart, sophisticated and elegant, this outfit is also suitable to participate in spring picnic outing and other activities; sweaters and style can mix and match according to personal preference, yet elegant temperament. Casual and have a unique personal style!

Spring-dating-cashmere-cardigan (7)

In full bloom in spring, have more than half of the flowers, you and a spring date only sweater the! Cashmere family 100% cashmere sweater featured alpine region in Tibet, Qinghai and other quality cashmere as raw materials, diverse styles, lithe, warm and comfortable, you deserve it!

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