Jessica Stein from Sydney’s fashion bloggers, Ins sorted on top of the most popular bloggers.

She likes to travel, in a simple and happy way to enjoy life. Flying skirt, romantic beach, beautiful scenery along the way full of life sign.

Jessica Stein’s dress style seems casual, but it is difficult to cover up the elegance and romance, minimalist or very numerous, can be her interpretation of romantic and elegant. In her closet, the most common element is lace.

For the lace with, Jessica Stein from the faction, like to try different lace to bring the charming flavour. Black is a mysterious romantic, red is elegant feminine, blue inadvertently reveal the noble style.

Jessica Stein also love light lace, white fresh, beige and elegant. With a lace dress, comes with cents aura.

Lace shirt with a short pants, fresh and pleasant; if thoroughly through the lace pants, like walking the romantic pictorial, simply praise the beauty.

Cool summer, hard to meet lace style, cashmere family METTE recommended for you, limited exquisite lace beauty clothes, together and fashion bloggers to create a romantic summer shape it!

Lace Top: 4271023
Lace half skirt: 4271024

Gentle beige, both pure and pure white, but more than a bit more dignified and dignified white, and lace encounter, the release of the summer of romance.

To abandon all the complicated, the designer with simple Italian style as the tone, Tongshen lace embellishment, as if the urban women’s elegant style. With self-cultivation of the A word half skirt, decorated with pretty fashionable style.

Japanese imports lace

Japan imported lace fabric, the use of artificial yarn weaving, three-dimensional feel stronger; feel soft and compact, not the advantages of scraping, easy to wear to enjoy.
Top: 4271023
Two colors: Beige, orange

Half skirt: 4271024
Two colors available:
Beige color

Lace dress: 4271035

Dressed in lace dress, breeds elegant flavour; looming, dream like magic, but also sketched out a woman’s million kinds of charm.

When the lace encounter Masera red wine, romantic charming feminine, a little retro, a little elegant charm. Bad dating, grand dinner, happy party, wear it, full of flavour.

2017 summer new
Before and after the V-neck design, not only elongated neck lines, more modified face; Slim version coupled with different fabrics stitching design, inadvertently highlight the feminine curves.

Dress: 4271035
Two colors: Masera red, black

Cashmere family METTE lace beauty limited edition, limited in stock, a rare chance, leave message to order, welcome come to our boutique to buy your exclusive romantic stuff!

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