Popularity of Checkered pattern, since its birth has never faded, she served as a sign of British style, this summer, to be interpreted in a checkered pattern on fresh temperament, in color and shape, size changes more combinations, the girl’s sweet, most vividly. She pastoral style with elegant pure elegance and urban style, comes with visual purification, lady temperament standard.

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Big V collar design Morandi color plaid dress with lace sleeves design girls soft, matching lace can be a belt, lanyard, tie or hair band, having versatility, small A skirt design classic engaging oh ~

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Summer is a variety of the most cheerful skirt stage, presenting different from the length and style. The skirt biggest feature is its version, both sides lacing whole upper body invincible was thin, cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, feel soft and skin-friendly, more texture, easy to cut with styling, comfortable, breathable, soft, casual lace play a very good effect was thin, but also gives the freedom of activity, demonstrating curves.

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Plaid has always been my favorite element, if the wardrobe has four seasons, is not the bottom pressure, plaid in my memory is with high-style taste, especially cultural heritage, and always give people impressed . Collision lattice lace, the effect is really good, but also reveals a love clean taste. Do is a simple version A version of the word Wawa Shan silhouette, neckline pleats along the three-dimensional processing, playful energy, do not pick the body, cover meat was thin, really it is a do not pick people who look good version of the type.

Perhaps we are tired of conventional grid-based models of clothes, so this skirt is really simple and useful details. Retro square neckline just right, highlight the clavicle, showing graceful neck lines, retro bubble boats sleeve, soft and elegant, your wardrobe must have missed this one.

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