Cashmere is an exquisite soft yarn perfect for machine or hand knitting luxurious garments and beautiful baby knits. These elegant yarns have fused an irresistible blend of soft silks and pure merino wool with delicate cashmere to create the perfect combination of looks, wear, cozy and comfort.


Most of Springair cashmere yarn can be machine washed and dried.

In our tests, we found that our stitch gauge (width) stayed the same, but our row gauge (length) shrank about 12%. The instructions will tell you to knit the piece longer than the finished length to allow for shrinkage when you wash your sweater.

Cashmere sweaters

For Size, Yarn Requirements, Needle, Gauge and other parameters, please feel free to contact springair. Would be pleasure to help.


Springair is a manufaturer and exporter of 100% cashmere hand knitting yarn, 100% wool hand knitting yarn, cashmere/wool hand knitting yarn, cashmere/silk blended, cashmere/cotton blended,etc.

Rose ladies' knitted sweater with cable pattern.

For hand knitting sweater, etc. In different yards per ounce and ply for our customers different requirements, we can dye them in any colours as customers requirements and prompt shipment in one week.

What’s more?

For Springair Cashmere yarn prices & quotations, please feel free to contact Alan.

For Cashmere garment OEM, please feel free to contact Catherine.

For Springair Cashmere yarn colors and names please head to wool cashmere yarn.

For brochures, head to cashmere & apparel catalog download center.



One Response to Large Lot Cone Cashmere Yarn Machine or hand Knitting Yarn Cones & String Cashmere
  1. I am looking for 100% cashmere for hand crochet sweater. The main color will be a large amount but not certain still looking at patterns. I would like to stay around a 2 or 3 weight (light or sport)
    I am having a great amount of difficulty with this. My customer can not have it blended with wool.
    Any help is greatly appreciated


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