There are many kinds of goddess, the workplace girl’s handsome handsome, temperament goddess’s smile, the girl’s warm and friendly, My Fair Lady’s tenderness like water, home virtuous and gentle, rock girl’s uninhibited publicity … … Goddess has a lot of face , Smile low eyebrow, witty courage, alone block side, know the book Dali.

Goddess just after, do not know the way the goddess in what way to treat yourself? Pamper yourself, with confidence and beauty to illuminate life. Spring bloom, a scarf is a dress up fashionable weapon. There is always a scarf can show beautiful character, will precipitate in the bottom of my heart to show the color, let her shine, beautiful all over the world!


Or wrapped around the neck

Elegant and seductive

Or become a decoration on the hair

Into the bag on the embellishment

A new look

Also can do belt

Full of personality

A small scarf

But can be used as a whole shape

The finishing touch

Appreciate the beauty of the scarf system,

You are not already spring rippling,

Can not wait to get a dress up a scarf?

Let you all over the world the opportunity to come,

Cashmere family launched 3.8 activities:

From March 3 to March 19,

Buy METTE branded goods,

Pay a single full paid 1,000 yuan delivery

The lowest value of 580 yuan a fine scarf.


You are not wrong,

The value of 580 yuan fine scarf,

Is free gift as a gift Oh! The The

This is the cashmere family for the 3.8 activities to prepare the gift

Is free to give you the benefits

What are you waiting for?

Come cashmere family store SHOPPING it!

Color printing scarves, colorful

Embellishment in the neck, to know the spring dash

Colorful, floating Cui Riverside

Sansheng III too far, beautiful seize the day and night

Spring breeze, all things grow

A red Yan Lu condensate incense

Light scarves swaying in the wind

Depicts a woman’s unique exquisite and beautiful

Woman flower, blossoming tender and beautiful

Strong and proud

Qinglie’s, glamorous

It’s all you

With a scarf phase contrast

The whole person seems to have the elegant Xianqi

Turned warm again in the spring

A scarf can bring you the slightest warmth

Spring glittering, shining its China

Diffuse with time to find

Wear beautiful scarf

Encounter the most beautiful of their own

Note: gifts scarf color, style or differences, please prevail in kind shop!

Text: Cashmere Family Figure: Product Image Provided by Cashier Family Official

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