Attend important occasions,
Participate in various activities,
British Princess Kate(Catherine),
Has been to dignified, elegant posture
Show in front of everyone.

To wear a crown, must bear its heavy.
Although the princess bear stress outside,
But always keep
Warm smile and elegant temperament.
Commendable and attentive attitude,
But also to win a large number of people’s love.

In addition to the royal title of the princes of concern,
Its high-level clothing also caused the fashion industry’s hot comments,
Noble hat, dignified coat
Coupled with exquisite necklace,
Can be recognized to be noble royal fashion idol.

Britain is a windy and rainy island country,
All year round can wear different thickness of the coat,
As the coat of the Princess,
In the choice of coat also with unique insights.

Decent pure color coat,
Smooth neat lines,
Showing the charm of refined temperament.
Whether it is to attend public events or vacation travel,
Both reveal royal aristocratic temperament.

Quality coat interpretation of noble temperament,
A needle line showing extraordinary charm.
2017 cashmere family METTE
Autumn coat series,
Based on simple and smooth cut,
Selection of high-quality wool cashmere blended fabric,
To create a gas coat.
This fall and winter,
Turn you to be princess.
Style one: wardrobe essential

ID: 6274010

Passionate red
Be favored in the autumn and winter every year
Bright red light autumn and winter deep color
Release infinite vitality

Simple style
Coupled with large pockets on both sides of the design
Reveal a lot of casual design
Crisp in long H style
Not only easy to care, but also show slim gesture

Style Two: dignified style

ID: 6274011

Natural fall sleeve design
Showing dignified style
Take one-piece dress
Slightly showing elegant skirt
More modern sense of hierarchy

Using two-sided cashmere superb craftsmanship
Outline the crisp, neat style
Quality cashmere wool blended fabric
The texture is full and dense
More with a soft touch of soft waxy

Style three: navy qualities

ID: 6274020

Autumn navy
Although there is no bright color so shining
But exudes a calm and wise style
Encounter with the coat
Is the dignified style

Classic single-breasted design
Simple but show the royal charm
Open to wear and reveal inside
With nature and casual flavor
Do up buttons, keep warm in autumn and winter

Style four: natural art

ID: 6274091

When the romantic glass purple
The 3D stitch towel ring
Sketched out the visual effects of rock texture
Is purely natural
It is charming artistic style

100% cashmere made
Feel soft and warm
Open to wear,  nature and casual
Tied on the belt
Shake the slim body gesture
Two models can be switchable

Cashmere family
Fall coat series
Is now on the market
Welcome to shop selection

Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be re-built
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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