Annoying summer is so wonderful and so hot, How can the beauty girl being trapped? Wear wonderful beauty understood to rely on the superb dressing wisdom. Tunic perfect protection against the sun, sleeves fluttering among bring out the goddess temperament, and short downloading fresh and beautiful, so that legs looming, bring unlimited reverie. Elegant and refreshing LOOK is a perfect interpretation of casual style, practical and beautiful.

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Bohemia is a walk in the world of nomads, advocating freedom, like wandering, it is romantic, gorgeous color jumping, just a shabby double jesus detachment to the streets, the beautiful are free. Simulation of silk, the fabric soft and comfortable, micro-thin transparent, feel good, good drape, dimensionally stable, easy to fold, use of environmentally friendly dyeing, not fade.

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Knit gown, in a variety of shapes in the moment, you easily show wanton status display to light and hollow knitting technique as the carrier, so that the wearer gives a casual dress sense of nature. Gun color BLINGBLING mini ornaments, small stunning visual sense, not closed V-neck design, placket at encryption, smooth decent, rotator cuff stitching radians rounded nature, fall feeling superior body, upright silhouette in soft fabric surface , looming stature, revealing casual leisure taste, to the length between the knee inadvertently obscure figure, piercing the perfect producer.

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Beautiful patterns bring a strong visual shock effect, not boring is not binding, yet elegant and refined, relaxed style brings comfort not personal, to help cover the extra baggage of excess body fleshy MM, MM backbone make more realistic fashion street character. Smart tassel design, with the body and swing dancing, more full of flavor goddess. Fabric feel fine, superior quality, with varying degrees of drape Or keeps degrees. Always put ta make you beautiful and bubbling.

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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