And every year the Lantern Festival, street lights, such as day, month, such as frost, New Year just after ushered in the first year of the moon full moon night. “Lunar January fifteen Lantern Festival”, “lantern”. Family reunion eat Lantern, meaning and beauty and beauty, round and round.

Lantern Festival, alias Yuanyuan Festival, Spring Festival, the traditional customs out of the full moon, light flame, guess riddles, eat glutinous rice balls, pull rabbit lights and so on. In addition, many local Lantern Festival also increased the playing dragon, playing lions, stilts, wiping the boat, playing the drums and other traditional folk performances. Lantern Festival night, street lanterns, people guess riddles, full moon, eat Lantern Festival, the traditional festive atmosphere to a climax.

The first month of fifteen, full moon night view lights, and lover meet, guess the riddles, in the old is more popular for a long time, how many writers left the poem words, recorded the ancient Lantern Festival romantic downtown.

The fifteenth moon night festival, and his family together round and round, and sweet people together with sweet honey, be considered live to live this good month. Though it is Valentine’s Day every day with right person , it is the warmest meaning of the festival.

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Silent and peaceful night
Thousands of candles drifted on the night sky
Swaying, illuminating the mind
Flower like brilliant
Poetic romance
People stop to watch
Pious prayer, wish
May the new year come and go
This should be the best of the Lantern Festival

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