Cashmere family
From the elegant design of Italy
Fusion of natural, pure, romantic artistic elements
To smooth lines, sophisticated tailoring
Outline the authentic Italian style

Strict quality fabrics
Soft cashmere, Japanese imports of cotton and linen and smooth silk
Take it for granted, soft and comfortable
The spirit of the craftsman
To create a relaxed dress to enjoy

May Day Labor Day, romantic travel season
Green leaves flourishing
Hit a new suit
Wandering in the embrace of nature, contented
Cashmere family invites you to meet elegance
Encounter the more beautiful oneself


Cashmere family “51 special”
Activity time: April 28 – May 7
Location: cashmere family of the country stores
Activities: METTE brand spring audience audience 7 fold

METTE brand Discount for spring contains elegant skirt
Wild shirt is really wearing pants and romantic scarves
Style everything
Editor first show you some of the best-selling US clothing

Scarf is not just a scarf,
It can be headdress, shawl, belt, bag jewelry
Seemingly insignificant little thing
But decorate the exclusive degree of your own

Bright color, such as romantic spring
Decorated inadvertently elegant temperament
Look at the people will be the slightest heart
Suya color is the inner touch of quiet
Natural fresh, outline the pure history of the dream

Two pieces of design
Both the style of the shirt
And both fashionable feminine
Selected comfortable Japanese imported fabrics
The touch is smooth and comfortable
Give you a relaxed dress to enjoy

Fabric selection of double crepe silk fabric
Soft and smooth texture, wearing breathable, refreshing
Simple style coupled with this touch of fresh blue
Fine goods to have a flavor
The atmosphere without losing the elegant temperament

Years of thin black
Naturally reveal the high quality texture
In the asymmetric placket against the background, add a lot of fashionable degree
Long sleeve style design
Cover the meat, sunscreen hold live


Slim pumping pullover, upper body comfortable, easy
Seven pants pendulum small split design
Inadvertently converge the visual focus
Matched with a scarf
Urban women’s sense of fashion sense of interpretation of the benefits

Sometimes need some wooden ears decorated their own girl feelings
Not complicated and filled with romantic atmosphere
In this beautiful spring and summer
And flowers cluster each other, with young, elegant

Wild harnesses, can be worn from the spring to the fall
Outside the cardigan, sunscreen shirt, shirt style
Exposed white skin and soft clavicle lines
Hot summer, coupled with a half skirt
Far look, so beautiful and beautiful

Featured Japanese imported fabrics
Has the mechanism of Marco Polo
Both with a sense of detail and comfortable breathability
Half skirt irregular skirt design, add a lot of bright spots
In addition to the whole set of wear, but also with the heart with a shirt, T shirt to play the United States

Knitted top three-color optional, white fresh and natural
Apricot warm seductive, orange skin care dazzling
Waichuan wear easily, encounter cooling weather
Heart with a thin coat
Bring full of intimate warmth

METTE brand spring contains nearly 100 models of US clothing, 70% discount, a rare opportunity! Welcome to shop to try to pick, April 28 – May 7, cashmere family, look forward to your elegant encounter.

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