Hangzhou Italian-Style cashmere clothing shop: METTE cashmere family Hangzhou Xinfeng Boutique storeofficially opened in 10th August Morning , which is the second store opened this summer by Mette cashmere family. Also, the 2 stores are newly opened in Hangzhou and are Factory-direct.

Italian Style

No. 326-5 store located in Hangzhou Xinfeng Road Jianggan District. Is located in the center of Hangzhou, about 800 meters from the Hangzhou East Railway Station, geographic location.

Hangzhou Attraction

Italian passion, with classical and modern two charming faces. Long history, magnificent retro building, to the pursuit of art and beauty to the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo era represented, to lead the world trend of the Milan Fashion Week, deep cultural heritage and modern fashion making the country the Western art heaven.

Xinfeng store interior displays I

Revealing a tasteful simplicity and elegance, people do not feel there is style. I’m afraid this is today’s Italian-style charm.

Xinfeng store interior displays II

Cashmere family that inspiration from life, turned into exquisite beauty and body memories. Put it, to listen and feel the legendary Italian technology and all related memories of the city.

Xinfeng store interior displays III

Hangzhou picturesque, called “paradise.” “Amidst glittering sunny side is good, rain kept empty mountains are strange. For the West than the West, thick makeup Marco Polo.” The poet’s eyes West graceful, delicate and pretty scenery, Hangzhou beauty is evident!

Xinfeng store interior displays IV

Hangzhou beauty, graceful, quiet and pleasant, elegant and tasteful. Baijuyi has described “Yi Jiangnan, most memory is Hangzhou. Temple months to find seeds, County Pavilion pillow look forefront. He heavier day tour.”

Xinfeng store interior displays V

When the romantic charm meets Italian Hangzhou, what an incredible wonderful story happen? Cashmere family METTE is your key to unlock the mystery. Are you ready to cashmere cashmere fashion family out on a journey.

Family boutique cashmere cashmere clothing, design style from Italy, elegant, simple and natural, feel the warmth and life temperature cashmere from fine cashmere, and cashmere delicate taste, experience and low-key luxury cashmere.

New store opening event

Time: August 10, 2016 – August 21

1. receive free gift
During the event, where the focus on “Cashmere family mettecashmere” micro-channel public number, forwarding store opening micro-channel graphic link to a circle of friends, you can receive a free shop to a laundry basket, cashmere and family members free of charge.

2. Member Maijiu
During the event, members of customers enjoy the following promotions:
Maijiu Fashion male / female cotton T-shirt;
Maijiu value of 100 yuan METTE brand cashmere products a cash voucher.


Note: The above final interpretation of the Crown family of cashmere.
Precious life is hiding in the nuances of the truth. Cashmere METTE family invites you into the fresh air shop, love to personally pick a cashmere sweater, choose a scarf off her temperament, expression of sincere affection, these seemingly ordinary act, it is the romantic surprise life outside.


Hangzhou is romantic and picturesque in such a August midsummer, And METTE Cashmere Family new autumn and winter apparel and yarn are available on wholesale, keep in touch!

(Pictures above are from Mette Cashmere Family)

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

For more clothing details, please consult accesible

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