In the crowd world, it’s fate for couples and lovers to meet. Whether we being together or separate, in this romantic Chinese Valentine’s festival, we are intentions to offer your loved ones a special mind. Love is a motion that cross space and beyond the distance, believe that no matter how far, in this special day, he or she can feel the deep love each other.

Gentle enough, wedding day a dream. If you can experience empathy, thought fit soul mate, be regarded as one of life’s great blessing. He / she accompany us through the extraordinary years, the witness of our life every moment surrounded by applause, or will cause low dormant period. All the time because of the love of companionship, have become special significance. Because of the love of encouragement and support, we have more hope-filled move forward.



▲ Number: 8264060 coral

Day as time goes nuances affectionate inscription. Coral cardigan, so the air is filled with the sweet romantic flavor. With the high-profile luxury, publicity in yet elegant, intense and bright colors, as she brings you feel. This round neck cardigan, double superimposed design of the front panel is a bright spot, hollow design, adds three-dimensional effect. Collar, cuffs hand crochet, more refined, I believe you put it on, she’ll feel happy and sweet.

▲ Style: 8264079 Black / Grey

A-type skirt, the version including very reproducible 60s retro style. Mini A-line skirt, short fine, sexy cute. The iconic A-line dress, classic fashion, wild and easy to wear. How could such a thoughtful gift does not make her heart?

▲ Style: 4264067 Black / White

Round neck sweater, knit lines clear, simple fashion. Extreme personality and elegance coexist, simple design of the atmosphere with her gentle and generous temperament coincides send her love for her gifts.

Love is not a whim, without each other. The most beautiful love, that is, whether sunny or trials and hardships, have always been a person who accompanies you in the side, the guardian of the truth! If this Tanabata, can not accompany the other side, then to the family METTE cashmere sweater for her to pick up a bar. I believe with cashmere family company, she will feel your sincerity and warmth.

▲ Style: 8264059 Black / coral

Elegant small fragrant wind pure cashmere cardigan, has its own charm. Collar, white cuffs, skirt hem handmade crochet, very unique, fine. Details at highlighting the elegance and gorgeous, gentle and delicate as her, to understand life, have fun! If we say that black makes you look, she adds a mature charm, whether it will make her more playful coral sweet it?


Shen Congwen(Chinese Famous Writer) said “I have done many parts of the bridge, read many times of the cloud, drink many types of wine, but only the best loved a proper age.”

METTE Cashmere Family wish all love can be placid, steady, willing the world lovers get married ! !

(Picture above from Springair Textile Group-Mette Cashmere Family)

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