Autumn is coming , cool wind is whispering. While it’s the season to get closer to METTE cashmere family. Dress up with the early-autumn style, showing the relaxed and comfortable and stylish aspect of temperament, easy to show your unique aesthetic of dress, as well as female intellectual, elegant, connotation side. Behind the Scenes fashion. Let’s see the beautiful stars brisk early autumn.

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Beautiful temperament Liu Shi

Earlier “Liu Yingjun” a denim wide leg pants with a red striped shirt, neat, short hair, brown sunglasses, a black shoulder bag, black shoes, walking between all the whims and elegant. She has always been outstanding temperament, PW bias cozy, simple style, ably handsome, reveals an intellectual charm. Early autumn afternoon, you also need a closet denim wide leg pants.

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Fashion Freaky big power power

Great power power street shooting reveals a heart full of girls, whether white T with shorts or a skirt, big power like the power out Waichuan a fashionable sweater – red and white striped sweater with a white bag, fashionable youth; blue sweater cute Winnie by age, full of vitality. Exposing the white big legs, girls really mom would wear, young beautiful dress, very steal the spotlight. Early autumn, your wardrobe must ultimately a sweater jacket.

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Shu Qi sex goddess

Shu Qi, sexy beauty, good skin, good body, good acting, the goddess of prosperity has not only beauty, but also the natural clothes rack. Goddess on the microblogging drying out of a group of street photographs, wearing a baseball jacket embroidered with black side-slit skirt, a black pentagram fine diagonal bag, showed off slender legs, fresh and playful tide full range of children . Goddess, goddess, you in the end is how maintenance ??

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Box Office Queen diphtheria He

From the “romance 33 days”, “A Wedding Invitation” to “Vampire Killers mind,” “hero pot”, diphtheria He broke out, became a box-office queen. And her voice comes literary temperament and natural. True nature, more talent, she has also participated in the “cross-border Singer” match, he sang two on the cut. The play is good, good singing, also will wear it. This is not a rivet leather jacket, which take sleeveless white shirt, a neat short hair, girl full flavor, singing seriously look simply cool handsome type, charming.

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PW also her Mimi, matching jacket and jeans, jackets with wide leg pants this year’s hot mix, seemingly casual but full of fashion sense. Simple elements of fashion, personalized dress, mature and feminine. Early autumn, it may be a fashionable jacket.

Beautiful stars of early autumn outfit is different, different styles, each with its beauty. What should not be missed early autumn outfit it? Autumn Cashmere family METTE selection of new products to cashmere boutique strength interpretation of retro elegance, romantic and charming early autumn look.

Retro cashmere suit small fragrant wind

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Cashmere-yarn-and-apparel-supplier-show-the-proposition-of-dress-up-in-earlier-fall (7)
Top: 8,264,059 skirt: 8264058
Material: 100% cashmere yarn
Tips: purchase, please click on the bottom left end of the text, “read the original”

100% cashmere suit, elegant, noble, intellectual, distinctive hand-crochet, modern urban women to pursue the best interpretation of fine living. Small fragrant wind suit with high heels, small square package, be sure not to be missed is the early autumn elegant look.

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The suite has a black and white chromatic, black and orange-color two colors to choose from, suitable for different ages you wear. Suggestion: Kit + sunglasses + heels + shoulder bag.

Cashmere-yarn-and-apparel-supplier-show-the-proposition-of-dress-up-in-earlier-fall (9)
Top: 8,264,059 skirt: 8264058
Material: 100% cashmere black
Tips: purchase, please click on the bottom left end of the text, “read the original”

A fashion cashmere dress

Cashmere-yarn-and-apparel-supplier-show-the-proposition-of-dress-up-in-earlier-fall (10)
T-shirt: 8264052 black / gray m 100% cashmere
A dress: 8264079 Black 100% cashmere
Tips: purchase, please click on the bottom left end of the text, “read the original”

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Romantic autumn, how little had mini A-line skirt? A classic type of dress is definitely the street shooting, appointments, outings wild single product. It is the classic wild, simple and easy to wear, sexy cute, do not pick the body, you deserve!

Cashmere-yarn-and-apparel-supplier-show-the-proposition-of-dress-up-in-earlier-fall (12)
Cardigan: 8264060 coral 100% cashmere
Tips: purchase, please click on the bottom left end of the text, “read the original”

It can be used with T-shirt, shirt, fashion by age; match plaid sleeveless pullover, classic plaid, subtle and ladies; cashmere cardigan with a round neck, showing elegance, comfort and sexy. As with shoes, boots either choose, or high-heeled shoes, casual shoes, can perfectly modify the body’s curves.

More METTE cashmere family early autumn fashion style, are being on-line, so stay tuned!

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