In 1852 the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas created the classic “Camellia”, the book hero Margaret drafted a cashmere shawl debut in Paris, for a time a sensation of the upper class royal elite gentleman, exclaimed for the treasures . Since then, European aristocratic ladies have put their hands on Cashmere.


Today, thin, delicate, simple, stylish
A variety of cashmere single product has become the key to high quality autumn and winter wear
Warm to you at the same time there is no shortage of fashionable, not bloated


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Cashmere warm wool is 1.5 to 2 times
The weight is only 1/5 of wool
Cashmere gloss more plump and soft
And has a better skin-friendly
Cashmere sweater can be made for every 12 cashmere velvet
So even if the price of cashmere is very expensive
But much loved by celebrities and trendy people

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Autumn, winter season
Start with a texture and stylish cashmere single product
Is also a symbol of the pursuit of high quality of life
Comfortable warm, soft waxy skin-friendly cashmere fabric
Is the cold autumn and winter, the best gift for us
So each major autumn and winter fashion week
A variety of cashmere single product is an essential highlight

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A sense of design, high standards, high-quality single product
Not only can show the elegant inner
More able to emit a powerful atmosphere full of grace
Cashmere single product is such a powerful presence
Good material, excellent workmanship, classic colors
Let cashmere became one of the most popular autumn and winter single product

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The life of a normal clothes up to a year or two
Then it will be eliminated because of deformation, fading and other issues
However, cashmere as a precious animal fiber
Different from ordinary chemical fiber
As long as we usually care and be safe custody
A pure cashmere single product can really wear all one’s life

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01 Nursing

1, do not wear, do not mix a bag with other clothing, try to avoid hanging.
2, to avoid long-term exposure to light.
3, Waichuan to minimize friction with the hard objects (such as long sleeves on the table friction, such as oblique backpacks, etc.) and strong pull hard hook.
4, when wearing the outer lining with its best supporting the lining is smooth, so as to avoid causing the whole body / local increased friction on the cashmere sweater pilling.
5, wearing time should not be too long, usually about five days, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage.
6, washing, do not use machine wash can not rub hard, and use professional cashmere detergent, or shampoo cleaning.
7, when ironing, the temperature can not be too high, high temperature easily scorched cashmere.


01 Pilling

Why: cashmere unique high-density curvature, resulting in cashmere clothing prone to pilling when worn. In addition, the cashmere sweater in the processing of the production process by adding the whole cashmere, milling process, the finished surface will have a layer of hair. In the process of wearing, cashmere constantly rubbing with other objects, the surface of the fluff will be intertwined intertwined to form hair ball.
How: Pilling the cashmere sweater how to do? Very simple and practical little coup hurry up!

Method One: Just rub the comb on the surface of the cashmere sweater, gently squeeze the ball out of it.

Method two: sticky tape sticky hair ball in place, and then carefully remove the ball can be torn off friends.


02 Shrink

Why: Cashmere products will not shrink after washing under normal washing conditions (most of the wool clothes will shrink after washing), the length of the cashmere scales is longer, the pitch is larger, the arrangement is smaller than the wool density, and the friction coefficient between the scales is small , After washing down wool than good; and poor wool.
How: What should I do if the cashmere sweater shrinks because of improper washing?

Method one: cashmere sweater when adding a small amount of white vinegar in the water, soak for 30 minutes, and then wash to dry, if shrinking serious, cashmere sweater can be properly stretched or set on the cardboard and clothes about the size of the dry.

Method two: Softening ingredients in conditioner can help natural cashmere sweater, restored to its original form. Just the conditioners and water in accordance with the ratio of 1: 3 mixed, soak for 10 minutes after washing out, the shop on a large towel gently pull the sweater can be.


03 Cleaning

It is best to use hand-washing cashmere products and do not frequent cleaning, try not to use the machine wash, or it is easy to play the ball. How to clean the cashmere sweater it more appropriate?

Method One: If only a small part of the stains, you can use toothpaste, salt smear gently scrub at the stains can be.

Method 2: If you wear more dirty must be machine-washing, the cashmere products must be turned over and then put on the laundry bag, to avoid repeated trade friction damage when washing clothes.

Master these cashmere tips and take care of them
To make cashmere products to accompany us to go further
It will not let down cashmere bring us a quality life


Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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