Dew to autumn fresh, autumn is getting stronger! Autumn is the harvest season, September is the season of planting. Cashmere family METTE beautiful again set sail: September 8th, Nanjing Shimao Binjiang branch and Jiangning Wanda and grand curtain!


The first family of Nanjing cashmere cashmere museum official curtain. Cashmere shopping center on the first floor, wonderful presents 1000 a variety of pure Italy design fashion cashmere clothing, accessories. Two floor, 200 square meters of VIP center, elegant environment. . Address: No. 313, Tangshan Road, Drum Tower District, Nanjing.


Drum Tower district is the central city of Nanjing, with a long history and a long history. Gulou District near the Yangtze River, surrounded by mountains, Lake Sichuan dependent, hills and water, city, forest, river is a strategically situated place male, all blend into one harmonious whole, the mountain with water wins. Unique geographical location.


The Qinhuai River, Jinchuan River and the flow of the river, the Yangtze River rub across the river. Look at the lion, Mufu, Beigu mountain and Mount Wutai, cool mountain famous scenic spots, one boiled salted duck, duck blood soup, duck pastry, etc. Clay oven rolls Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork characteristics of Nanjing delicacy, extremely beautiful!


Sitting in the bustling street of Tangshan Road, drinking coffee, watching the street People are hurrying to and fro., heavy traffic. Far view the sky white clouds, be the most changeful. Years may be a long time, it seems to tell the city’s long culture and moving story.


Cashmere family METTE Binjiang Shimao shop is a double deck Large Direct stores, two floor is more than and 200 square meters of VIP center, beautifully decorated, luxurious configuration design, exquisite, comfortable, warm and create a relaxed shopping atmosphere for you.



Special services: Shimao Binjiang two shop floor VIP VIP center, features coffee bar. Coffee bar can provide customers with freshly ground coffee, so that customers can enjoy the taste of coffee while shopping. The more you taste any of various types of tea, attentive service, delicious coffee, refreshing fragrance, accompany you to spend a relaxing and fun time shopping!




Characteristic culture wall: the two floor of the cultural walls of the showcase, to facilitate customers to understand the knowledge of cashmere, cashmere family culture, to narrow the distance between customers and products.


Surprise more than this, another Nanjing District straight shop – Jiangning Wanda shop today officially opened. Pure Italy design, fashion classic, natural and comfortable, green and environmental protection, so that the people of Nanjing enjoy the delicate and precious cashmere.


METTE Nanjing Jiangning Wanda cashmere family shop is located in Nanjing District of Jiangning City gold Road No. 700. Near bamboo mountain, Drum Mountain Road, Jiangning Museum, a large number of nearby parks, beautiful environment, is the best choice for your leisure shopping relax!


Jiangning District, a beautiful natural environment, beautiful scenery, called the “back garden of Nanjing city”. Cashmere family choose to settle in the new METTE store gold road, cashmere delicate and precious, with pure Italy design, in order to enrich the cashmere products, to design the quality of life, let the life every day is a surprise.


Basic cashmere sweaters, casual casual, comfortable and generous; to create a simple workplace OL wind, dating fashionable with. Cashmere scarf, quality and color class, suitable for a temperament, have grade of you, wear in different occasions. More fashion cashmere clothing, unique style, big design, style, simple atmosphere.


In the four hundred and eighty temple, how many loutai yanyu! The Qinhuai river carrying the history and culture of the city, with the river rolling eastward, gone. The history of right and wrong, amidst the winds of change, the gains and losses, without our comments. Bearing in mind the history, facing the future. You will find that the company of cashmere family METTE, there are often warm, always have a surprise!


Cashmere clothing, accessories, home, jacket, underwear, pants, a variety of complete, everything. METTE is a family of cashmere, the quality of life of your choice.

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