Cashmere family METTE hope
A sense of design in comfort, fashion, and close to life
The essence of clothing and brand concept reflecting the character and character of the characters
An extreme fashion person who pays attention to the quality of life
Provide high quality, avant-garde, unique and delicate dress

Winter in the north wind
Always want to push warmth and fashion to the point of origin
Like fish and bear’s paw can not be general
But the cashmere family METTE brings you
Three sets of in in winter
It will let you enjoy the fashion
A warmer temperature



Red and black, most on the top


Black is the mystery to the starry sky
Red is the warmth of the galaxy.
Two kinds of colorful colors
Two kinds of extreme style
Match the whole look with the enthusiasm of the winter
The combination of static and dynamic
Make the dull winter lively and lively

Cashmere 100% cashmere
The design of the body, the perfect modification of the curve
A noble and elegant image of elegance
Lace in the heart – shaped edge, in the details of the interpretation of the aesthetical romance
Highlight the soft and upright of urban women
Match a coat or down suit at will
You can relax the whole winter with ease
Long dresses in A, 100% cashmere
Waist belt design to meet the needs of different groups of people
Good physical effect
Show the graceful curve



Purple, the most noble


The Byzantine Empire in the ancient West
Purple especially honorable
The rulers were dressed in purple robes
Use purple ink when signing the decree
The child of the royal family is also known as “Purple life”
While Kaiser is appointed to the purple Emperor
The exclusive color of the Rome royal family
It’s not hard to see the dignity of the purple.

100% cashmere
A delicate flower pattern
Design of the wavy edge of a collar, cuff, and lower swing
The whole dress is beautiful and romantic
A casual pair of jeans
Set up a falling coat
Can highlight the noble urban female image



Grey, simple eternity


The closet is never in the coat
The estimate is a matter of quality
Well designed and well tailored grey coat
Grey is between black and white
Not only is all-match color
It’s the color that never goes out of date.
Buy a high quality grey single in winter
Absolutely can accompany you to the end of the world

Breathable, light, warm, and easy to handle
The fabric has a strong sense of texture
The surface of the concave and convex texture and smooth lines
Add a sense of texture to the clothes
Suitable for the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter

As a cashmere sweater
100% cashmere with light and thin texture
A good fitting curve
The design of the lower swing
Show the style of young leisure
Go out for fun or work
Can bring you a good mood

This winter has these three sets of high – quality and high – value wear
Make sure this winter has a wind and a temperature


Cashmere family METTE
The new products are now on the market
Welcome to store selection


Conceptual design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selection of high quality raw materials
And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complex design and present the beauty of nature
The urban elite for the pursuit of quality life
Provide comfortable commuting experience

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