The Mid Autumn Festival, China as one of the four major traditional festivals, began in the early Tang Dynasty, has a history of over 2300 years. In our country, the Mid Autumn Festival is second only to the Spring Festival of the second major traditional festivals.


Invite the bright moon, Qi across the mid autumn festival! A full moon carries the sons and daughters of the holiday blessing and hope of a better life. The bright moonlight, charming moonlight, reunion together is friendship, sharing the happy holiday. This is also the traditional culture to bring the sense of belonging to the Chinese people.


The night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the day is as clear as water, bright as a mirror, beautiful scenery. “Cookies, such as chewing is crisp and sweet”. Look forward to distant relatives healthy and happy, and the family “partings”.


“This life is not a good night, next year the moon where to see”. “Sea born moon, a total of the end of the world”. A full moon, some nostalgia, I do not know how many men of literature and writing wrote the famous spread through the ages.


Raising my head, I see the moon so bright; withdrawing my eyes, my nostalgia comes around! Wandering outside the home, be all alone in a foreign land, during the festive season. The more concentrated in autumn, autumn, autumn thoughts, autumn taste, to return to their homeland and family reunion. In this reunion was the Mid Autumn Festival, put down everything, and loved ones to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, is not very meaningful?


Chinese since ancient times is a state of ceremonies, in such an important day, everyone will prepare a very sincere gift to friends and relatives, the expression of greetings and blessings.


Some people ask, I send what gift to give them, can not only special, but also highlight the sincerity?
“Mid autumn festival every year, the basic gifts have been sent to my parents this year to send something good?”
“What gift should I give to my boyfriend / girlfriend?”
“The Mid Autumn Festival, a friend brought back from abroad a * *, what gift should I prepare for thank him?”
Since ancient times about “reciprocity” in these circumstances, how can we return?


Parents are old and wish them good health and happiness. As children, we should spend more time with them, the whole family together, happy to have a family reunion dinner, should send their best gift.


Accompany me, carefully select a gift of love! My parents bought new clothes with a suit, made a table of their favorite food, played chess with my father, tell mother fun in work…… .


As for your he, you can send a watch, a tie, a pair of leather shoes, for his next kitchen, or to the family to choose a cashmere cashmere clothing.


As for your her, you can send a necklace, a beauty skin care products, buy her a shopping…… If your female ticket like more practical, then give her a big red envelope, so that she can buy, such a gift, she will be particularly satisfied.


So, in the eyes of small gifts, there is no good or bad low points, nor the so-called “The Best Gifts”. As long as the heart, love, sincere gift, is to give their loved ones and love the best Mid Autumn Festival gift.


Dew from tonight, the moon is the hometown of the white. Once a year in the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon, and eat moon cakes, drink sweet scented osmanthus wine, and family to join you, sharing the happiness and warm!

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