When we are children
Mother is like a bright sunshine
Where there is her, where there is warmth
Mother is a day of love
Hold up all the childhood happy time

Grew up only to find
Mother, is a child

Mother, is a technical phobia child

Do not understand the computer
Not online shopping
Even the smart phone should be repeated to teach one by one
Like a child curious and fear of fear of foot
Afraid of breaking the “high-tech products”
Later and we can not do with the video?

Mother, is a love nagging worry about children

Her eyes, home is the world
There is always endless words, never worry about worry
“Remember every day to eat fruit”
“Take good care of children, do not control too tight”
These are nagging in the name of love
Like a child trained and trained
Naturally become a habit
Not it, but rather not like life

Mother is a naughty child who loves lies
When the phone is always a serious lie
“I am very good at home”
“I have a lot of money, you do not have to give me”
“Holiday do not have to buy things for me, you have this mind like a”
But to understand her children
One look through the love to pour the lie

The older child
Worry about worrying
But the warmth of people feel very distressed
Want to spend more time to accompany
With more love to care
Let her be loved by the beautiful children
Happy Mother’s Day
Mother ‘s Day is coming
Cashmere family for your selection of love gifts
In this special day
Offer a love for her mother
To convey this thick affection
Natural linen series

Gift from nature – linen fabric
Have a breathable, heat, sweat the advantages
Wearing a relaxed, no pressure
Prepare a new linen for the mother
Easily through the summer heat

Cashmere home series

After lunch
Mother is lying lazily on the couch
at this time
For her pillow on a cashmere pillow
Put on a warm cashmere blanket
To love care, warm into the heart

Scarves series

A touch of scarves
Or bright and moving
Or fresh and elegant
In addition to show her mother elegant temperament
More intimate care neck neck
Bring warm and gentle to enjoy

Happy Mother’s Day
Cashmere family wish all the mother in the world
Happy holidays, youth forever
Love and beauty accompanied by

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