Temperature is very volatile and often make people feel a headache, what to wear is especially important, but it is also the difference between the temperature before let us see more exciting. Long sleeved T-shirt and jacket, jeans and dress, the coquettish, and of course the fitters knitting cardigan, variety and Joker how can we miss?

We in search of early autumn black and white new fashion would never neglect the stripes, a large area of black and white make the stripes exudes a kind of rough, majestic. Without any modification of the placket, in line with the overall relaxed temperament, enlarge the sweater free


Long simple solid color knit cardigan styles to a relaxed leisure feeling, relaxed style molding, but also the conceals coxal fat, extremely significantly thinner. Dark knit cardigan collocation light colored bottoming shirt is very eye-catching, but is also very comfortable, downloading choose tight jeans, self-cultivation and temperament. No matter is the waist or leg fat girls can try.



The most simple jacquard process is to mix the two kinds of colors, forming a similar pattern of knitting effect. Red and white collision is a classical, not like white and black as entirely different. There is no other colors collide the colorful, simple yet fresh vitality.


Autumn is coming, practical and easy to take the sweater will open a fashion tour. With a small knit jacket, let you enjoy the next season to the United States and the United states.


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