When people talking about stripes.
The first impression is that…
By Ms. Chanel in the earlier last century
The basic striped shirt that leads
Simple round neck with double color stripes
With more natural, all-match under various

And today’s stripes are single
Through the interpretation and innovation of the mysterious fashion circle
In a richer and more fashionable manner
Presented in major fashion week and fashion magazines
Some simple, some handsome
Some elegant attracting people

(the pictures are all from the Internet.)

For example, popular in recent two years
Lazy BF Stripe Shirt
More handsome and cool than boyfriend when dressed by girls
More modern styling

Style one: 8274086

If the lazy wind shirt does not wear
All-match, vertical stripe vest
To help you be confident in autumn

A decent version
The medium of fading vertical stripes
Inside the shirt, handsome and able
With a sweater
More casual fan

Style two: 8274039
Simple, generous stripes
More suitable for urban career beauty ladies
A busy workplace life
A low-key striped shirt breaks the monotony of the rhythm
Shine, live wonderful!

Cuff placket and double color jacquard pull fringed design
Outline a special fringe pattern
Close look, exquisite and interesting
Far look, it reveals a steady and fashionable flavour

Style three: 8274040
Of course
If you want to be more dignified and elegant
Is not a bad idea

A cashmere sweater with a shoulder drop
Naturally draw an elegant shoulder curve
Small areas of jacquard stripes adorn the hem
Change stripe leisure appearance, fashionable degree UP

Style four: 5374005
Or fasten a striped shawl with the same color
Hem tassels, clever with the wind
Elegant temperament presents itself naturally

The shawl is woven from double sided stitches
The color is different on the right and back
You can’t only wear two of them
The utility model can be used as a scarf or a cover blanket

Style five: 8274043
When stripes meet a pair of cashmere wool coats
It is a fashionable noble temperament

The ingenious combination of turquoise and dark blue
Meticulous design of thick and thin stripes
Let the stripes upgrade again
Showing a calm and intellectual Charm
Rex Rabbit scarf with double
Winter clothes not only keep warm, but also show aristocratic style

Cashmere family METTE
Stripe series beautiful clothing is now available
100% cashmere soft and comfortable
With multiple stripes
Activate another fashion style
Welcome to the store


Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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