Green little Man, played the summer of the other kind of melody
The tree green shines and the flowers are eye-catching
The sun shines and shines
Bring the infinite temperature of the summer

Love the summer green, more permeable cool life
Hot summer, with a comfortable summer
Simple elegance, gentle dress to enjoy
Bring wonderful summer time
Cashmere family new products

Cashmere family summer special planning, quality, cool single product series
The fabric covers linen fabric and silk material
Main breathable, cool feeling of wearing
Atmosphere simple design, coupled with the classic pure color system
To create a wild fashionable degree, this summer you let the beauty at random
Top: 2271018

Fashionable people have a classic white T
Fresh colors, wild style, decorated with summer style
Shoulder segmented design
Let intellectual single product become personalized modern
Show your unique charm

Selection of quality silk linen blended fabric
Both silk fabric breathable and linen fabric crisp fine features
Not only improve the strength and toughness of the fabric
Daily wear, care more easily
Small waves of texture texture, touch between, they have fallen in love
Top: 5271033

Wise woman’s temperament, revealed to God, originated in the heart
Simple package design, outline the soft shoulder curve
That wiping wisdom army green
Natural embellishment calm, calm attitude of life

Front and rear pieces of 100% silk fabric design
Light, delicate, such as between the quicksand
Highly advanced high gloss gloss
Inadvertently reveal the elegant flavor
Top: 3271049

Strict selection of high quality bubble yarn silk fabric
Has a bumpy bubble texture
Fine taste is fine sense of elegance
Add 3% spandex ingredients
Both have a soft texture of silk
But also enhance the stability of the fabric
Give you a double enjoyment of elegance and quality
Top: 4271043

Summer was thin good helper, black T-shirt
With shorts or skirts
Wear a different kind of Italian style
Collar perspective design, low-key interpretation of the charming charm
Fabric transparent and comfortable, more drape than cotton characteristics
Easy to clean the advantages of bringing convenience to the summer to enjoy
Top: 3271058

In addition to having a wild T-shirt
With the small shirt to bring a different kind of fashionable degree
Take a harness, decorate the summer fresh flavor
Neat smooth cut
There is no shortage of elegant temperament
Will be women’s rational and romantic interpretation of just right
Dress: 4271045

Dressed in skirt, dotted summer scene
Geometric prints, pure and subtle
Vaguely revealed Jiangnan charm of the artistic atmosphere
Double hem design, embellishment of the Western style of the sense of hierarchy
Wear it for travel, shopping, dating, blooming exclusive of your elegant charm

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