Wardrobe can speak, it is magic

When every season changes

It bring you to open a new trip

And the most important thing is

It will tell you what you are lacking of

Hurry to open the wardrobe to see what inside


To be a simple and fashion lady

To be Confident and gorgeous when moving

Khaki hollow pullover

Match navy pants

Simple hidden in comfort

Hollow fact is necessary

Do you get in your wardrobe



Fresh as wind in the mountains


Pure as the skye

Mordern high-grade symbol

Every wardrobe need a touch of light blue

Let us break Boring


Loving freedom and relaxation

Unrestrained status

Doing ourselves

Take off restrained pants

Take navy and white strips into wordrabe

Take the freedom in your heart



Elegant and light dress

Soft and exquisite just like the feeling on sand

Solemn and elegant dark green jacket

With the same color dress

Every wardrobe is needed

The article is from METTE cashmere family, photos are from METTE

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