Silk refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, cassava silk and so on. It is called “fiber Queen”, and has been favored by its unique charm.
Silk fabric in addition to the elegant texture and cool breathable dress, and more importantly, it is like a traditional Chinese medicine health care, there is no formula, not oral, easy care of health.

Anti-aging and prevention of vascular sclerosis

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that silk has four flavors, such as spicy, flat, non-toxic, and with the heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are beneficial to human body. Silk fabrics touch the skin, improve the vitality of cells, prevent the hardening of blood vessels and prevent the aging of skin.

Prevent eczema and other skin diseases

Silk has excellent moisture absorption and humidity. In a humid environment, silk absorbs sweat and keeps the skin clean. In a dry environment, silk absorbs sweat, and it releases moisture and perspiration. Silk clothing dry smooth, is conducive to the prevention of eczema, skin itching and other skin diseases.

UV protection

The white silk that spits out of silkworms will gradually turn yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light, because the silk absorbs the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. Silk, therefore, resists the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays and protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Adjuvant treatment

Silk fibroin, amino acid, lysine can accelerate the cell to maintain smooth skin moisture The new supersedes the old., and serine can activate the activity of skin cells, promote wound healing, for some skin diseases and auxiliary therapeutic action.

Cashmere family METTE new summer special projects, silk series
Strict selection of light quality silk fabric
YISHION natural silk fabrics to create gentle and smooth enjoy wearing
Take care of your comfortable life

NO.One Dress: 3271033

hot summer
A dress well and enjoy refreshing
A short, long rear design
To break the monotony of the skirt
Natural display elegant elegant temperament
Bump color stitching is one of the highlights
A stylish personality with charming Charm

100% silk crepon fabrics
By wire, strong twist, pre shrinking, environmental protection, dyeing and other deep-processing
The fabric of crepe feel has yarn texture
The fabric is soft, smooth, breathable, Yi Xi
Comfort and draping are better

NO.Two Dress: 3271034

Atmospheric and atmospheric version
Reveal an advanced Italian style
Package sleeve design, modify the shoulder lines, but not pick the body
Remove the belt, with nature
With the same color belt
Intellectually elegant and feminine

The material is made of 100% mulberry silk
The texture of the surface stripes adds a lot of detail
Delicate and smooth feel
The characteristics of excellent hygroscopicity, comfortable wearing feeling bring summer

NO.Three Dress: 3271034

Less is more
Sometimes a design point is enough to attract attention
This dress is the biggest highlight of placket embroidery
The design methods of silk
The stitch is rich and the patterns are neat
Close look, exquisite, delicate
Natural decoration elegant, dignified style

100% silk crepon fabrics
The surface of the cloth has a crepe feel of yarn
Hand feels soft, smooth
Wear upper body, natural and breathable
The easy to clean advantage gives you an easy to wear experience

NO.Four Dress: 3271054

Small V collar design
Not only modify the face, more elongated neck lines
With white skin
Blooming summer charming temperament
100% mulberry silk fabric
With a cool, breathable feel of clothing
Cotton is more lightweight and comfortable than

NO.Five Tassel unlined upper garment: 3271022

A must-have summer item, a sleeveless sleeveless sweater
Wear comfortable and cool in summer
Shirt, jacket, cardigan collocation
More relaxed and stylish styling
Hem tassels design
Make the original dull dress instantly smart
Bring elegant, romantic little appeal

Strict selection of quality silk fabric with elastic twin silk
The special organization of the fine and smooth texture.
Between satin and Shuangzhou luster, low-key and advanced
Excellent suspension, bringing light, elegant styling
Add 44% viscose, 8% spandex
Enhance the fabric’s self resistance and flexibility
It’s more convenient to dress and take care of
PS: METTE has more silk cashmere family new surprise in the shop, beauty is like a song, invite you dramas.

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