Summer special new planning
Elegant. Pure. Simple

Cashmere family summer new and elegant listing
Elegant retro wine red series
Pure and simple black and white series
Island Sky Blue Series
To wake up the heart of the vision and desire

Lace style

Woman flowery, there are N kinds of open way
Some glamorous and noble
Some warm and unrestrained
Some pure and beautiful
Some fresh and tranquil
There is always a favorite of your favorite

To be blooming Pinellia
Hit a lace dress
Exposure to the beautiful nature
Match with the flower, dance with the dish
Skirt between the lace graceful
Looming dream
Can be described as staring

To talk about charm and sexy index
Non-black lace is none other than
Dressed in black V-neck lace dress
Elegant and sexy both
Sexy charming and not too much publicity
Effortlessly show
Bumps have a good body
That beauty is like a spring breeze

Island sky blue

Island vacation blue series
Such as the mountain fresh wind
Such as the ancient city of warm light
Cashmere family pure sky blue
Warm and not sad
Give people the feeling of pure and relaxed and relaxed
As if resorting to holiday islands in general

Independent mature 40+ women
When the attitude of self-confidence and elegant
Happy to live happily
To maintain the inner pursuit of beauty
On dress and life always
Have meticulous meticulous attitude
Time is gentle, beautiful years
Age is no longer the reason to let the mind grow old

Simple and neat, pure and romantic
The most beautiful world April is approaching

To find poetry and distance
It is better to be refreshed and warm
Island Sky Blue Series
To open the summer chapter it

Black and white classic

Classic black and white series
List the world with black and white lines
Escape from the outside world with noisy and hustle and bustle
Simplicity is the fundamental way to return to the inner self
Remove the complicated camouflage
After the wash in the lead after the precipitation
Smooth lines, cut three-dimensional
Strong visual impact directed at people

Text: cashmere family | Figure: product picture from the cashmere family

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