An invigorating autumn climate, osmanthus fragrance. National Day just after October 8th, cashmere family METTE once again a strong hit, ushered in Shenyang Dadong shop, Hangzhou Stadium Road double shop blossom. The warmth of the city into the memory of cashmere to the motherland on both sides of the Changjiang River.


Shenyang Dadong store address: Shenyang City District Dabeiguan Street No. 44-1 13.


Shenyang, located in the northeast of Liaoning, is the late autumn day, the highest temperature is below 20 degrees up to 10 degrees, the temperature difference between day and night, sooner or later the cold. In this cold weather sooner or later, the occasion, the most intimate partner is cashmere sweater, cashmere coat! Cashmere family focused on cashmere products, for you to create a quality of life.


The cashmere family settled in Shenyang Dabeiguan street, which will be an unexpected surprise?



In the morning, the strong wind penetration into the body, a sleeve, a cashmere sweater can help you block the cold, thin body care.



M Ma Jia, camel wool long jacket, loose version of leisure, long sleeved cashmere sweater collocation base, showing the casual texture and luxury.


Purple blue female shawl, hem edge fringed leather hook ornament, gives you luxurious temperament, blue is more mature charm. In the early morning chill north street, a fringed shawl coat, is to keep the beautiful temperature, also want to grace!


When it comes to a cold, not a hard and soft, refined and stylish coat. Colored coat color stitching, plus warm fur collar, in the autumn and winter will give you a warm memory.


Cashmere coat, small collar design, simple and neat, suitable for tall women. A scarf collocation, and mature, glamour.



Men and women clothing, scarves, cashmere sweater, Home Furnishing sheep blankets, classic cashmere dress, on a thousand kinds of products to meet your needs.


Stadium Road shop address: Xihu District, Hangzhou Stadium Road, No. 525-2.


Hangzhou, located in the southeast coast of the Yangtze River, the beautiful Yangtze River, Sanjiang, is a sub tropical monsoon climate. Has entered the cool, rainy autumn, this slightly cool weather, thin cashmere sweater, cashmere coat is the first single product you fall!



Cashmere family METTE, simple, fashion, the atmosphere, pay attention to the rich and the level of change in shape. The healthy, fashionable and comfortable life attitude of the cashmere family is designed to make the city women to face the life with ease.



Boutique women’s series



Every kind of pure cashmere cardigan, sweaters, T-Shirts, turtleneck, collar, half a multi-level, full of changes, regardless of bedding, or wear, can meet.



Half a sleeveless vest, strap design is this year’s international fashion week hot elements. With a long skirt, elongated body curve, dynamic elegant, elegant and moving.


Red cardigan, drop shoulder design, soft shoulder line, thin. Clip bonus T-shirt collocation sweater, how charming?

Fashion men’s series


Fashion cashmere sweater, cashmere material warm and soft, elegant and quiet, low-key elegant luxury, the collision of a low-key calm feeling.


This winter is the essential guide to collocation to have intimate T-shirt sweater, dark green and silver, full of men’s wisdom and grace.

Scarf accessories series


Want to light the whole autumn and winter, how much less than the scarf? A proper collocation scarf, will become the whole shape of the punchline.


Your beauty, I’m responsible for. Purchase during the event, more good manners at!

Opening ceremony activities
October 8th –10 20, into the store to buy the METTE brand is the price of products, you can enjoy a two, 30 percent off 20 percent off. Single paid over 999 yuan, send a beautiful scarf, send out so far.


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