The Cretaceous, which began at 145.5 million years ago, lies between the Jurassic and the Paleogene. During this period, the continent was separated by the oceans, and the earth became warm and arid, and many new fauna and flora species began to appear.

Marine animals in the blue sea free flow; flowering plants appear, barefoot ferns such as: pine and cypress, ginkgo growth strong, green; dinosaur-led land, fertile soil, snakes, bees and other small mammals born , The whole earth, a life.

Cashmere family to explore the ancient history, learn from the Cretaceous natural color elements: pure blue, vitality green and gentle apricot, with natural, simple primitive beauty for inspiration, create a new wave of beauty. Fabrics to linen fabrics and silk-based, advocate environmental protection, return to the concept of natural life, Thanksgiving moment, look to the future.

Pure blue

That a vast ocean, revealing the deep blue charm, quiet and mood far. Occasionally refraction of a little light outline the blue line of the romantic picture, people fascinated. Designers have inspired this, designed the blue printing series.

Top: 3271035 Dress: 3271044

Different colors of the blue outline of the oil painting of the visual feast, near to see the new chic, far away look beautiful. Hot summer, with colorful lighting life.

Top: 3271039 (optional)


The original green meaning

Elegant woman, eyes showing the wisdom of temperament, restrained and calm, and always maintain a good life of the enthusiasm. Like the original green, low-key with tenacious vitality, the more the more vigorous growth.

Dress: 2271020

Dress loose with the version of the type, simple revealed in the temperament from the temperament, micro-fat sector must be a single product, good to wear, was thin Pure hand button design, exposed the skin, the release of a trace of female charm.

Half skirt: 2271019

Obediently, wearing more easily. Natural linen fabric, with thermostat, anti-allergic, anti-static, sterilization characteristics, summer wear, cool and comfortable. Surface pressure crepe will design art and modern technology integration, to create a dynamic and dynamic atmosphere.

Dress: 3271016 (optional)

Do not live time, live in the United States, bright spring and summer, there must always be several elegant skirt, lit a wonderful life. Skirt melodious, graceful, seductive and romantic.

Featured high-quality double crepe fabric, soft texture smooth, breathable excellent, wearing a cool, comfortable, easy people a summer.


Gentle apricot

From the earth’s gentle colors, beige, that is, without the thick brown, but also with a quiet visual beauty, a little fresh and beautiful.

Dress: 4271047

Ingenuity design of the asymmetric lotus leaf, vaguely release the girl feelings. Intimate small package sleeves, easy to cover the shoulder of the small fat. Fabric for 82% sticky fiber 18% nylon, so that the whole dress wearing more crisp bone feel, highlight the atmosphere.


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