Crowds + distribution, the traditional industry can also play the Internet. “Warm 520” Crowd activities since November 15, 10:00 on-line, as of 16:00 pm on the 16th, just 29 hours, the number of applicants has successfully exceeded 10,000 people. At present, the first batch of public order is hot allotment.
From 0 to 6000, from 6000 to 10,000
Each string of digital changes, are exciting

At 10:55 on the 15th the number of applicants over 400


15 evening 8:00, the number of applicants exceeded 6000


At 10:00 on the 16th, registration began 24 hours, the number of applications over 8000


At 15:10 on the 16th, the number of applicants officially exceeded 10,000


Look at the background of the system orders, you have to try it?


Behind the brilliant figures and performance, is the family of many people pay the cashmere.


In the 15th before the official launch, the high-level meeting to discuss the program, to discuss every detail, each part of the work of the close deployment, coordination of division of labor, the active promotion of stores in various regions … 11 月 15 日 10:00, cashmere family “warm 520” underwear Crowd activities after the official launch of the cashmere line of front-line staff and the team behind the fight, the public activities have been effective initial results.
And your first time to share the joy
Is our most important thing


After receiving the order, our cashmere family logistics center, customer service center has been in the efficient, high-speed operation, employees are kept in the day and night for your distribution of goods. We all race against time, are to share with you the first time the warmth and joy. We hope that we live up to your love and support, early to receive your favorite things.
Light warm, pure natural, zero staining
Underwear of the emperor, the choice of love


Elegant luxurious, soft wax skin-friendly, comfortable health care, love choice. This “light, soft, smooth, warm,” the baby, their wear is very suitable. It can also be sent to relatives, colleagues, lovers or friends, intimate and warm, comfortable and warm heart. Million pieces of public financing, while stocks last.


Finally, please be patient, your Baby Cashmere small cashmere underwear has been non-stop toward your way to the! Interested friends, you can scan the following two-dimensional code, pay attention to the platform, click on “Start Crowd” – enter the page after selecting your favorite products, click the “Buy Now” can order.


Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

For more clothing details, please consult accesible.


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