METTE cashmere family Chengdu Shuangnan store was officially opened on July 31th,2016, which is following the stores of Shuhan Road store, Wuhou store, Sands store, Dashi West Road store have opened, METTE cashmere family opened in Chengdu fifth straight camp stores.

Store located in the 9th Wuhou Shuangnan Road, location and convenient transportation.


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Chengdu, known as “Land of Abundance”, “Xiu Jiangnan” reputation. Also known as Hibiscus Town Surrounded by beautiful scenery, many attractions, is a famous tourist city. Dujiangyan, known as “the world’s water conservancy culture originator”; Temple, witnessed the Three Kingdoms period of Zhuge Liang Shu prime minister Laureates strategy; Du Fu Thatched Cottage, witnessed “the poet saint” Du Fu lived here footprint; Kam ancient Street, Chengdu version called “painting.”

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Chengdu to enjoy the food, and this is a reason for every food goods can not refuse, a section of Chengdu, Chengdu gourmet food street is the business card. Long Chao Shou, Fuqifeipian, spicy lobster, dan dan noodles, hot pot, chicken Guokui marked, Benben chicken, grilled fish, take food, casseroles, and other various string of incenses let you salivating.

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Chengdu, set thousands of pet in one: natural beauty, history, heritage, cuisine, beauty, can be described as far as the eye, all the scenery! Xiao Bian can not wait to go to experience the unique charm of this season, Shu, and want a small group of children, partners can sign up.


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Closer to home! We carefully prepared for you in the store worsted cashmere scarves, printed silk scarves, fine cashmere apparel, including men’s fashion, infant and children’s clothing boutique, children’s wear, cashmere blankets and more home series. Atmospheric graceful design, elegance and delicate cashmere, simple classic style, to bring you comfortable, high quality consumer experience.


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Thousands of fine cashmere clothing for you to choose, feel the warmth, quality cashmere. METTE cashmere family Chengdu Shuangnan cashmere stores invite you to taste the beauty of the low-key luxury, open fashion cashmere trip.


Shuangnan store indoor display Figure V
New store opening event
Activity time:
2016 Nian July 31 to August 11.

First, receive free gift

During the event, where the focus on the customer “METTE cashmere familycashmere” micro-channel public number, forwarding store opening micro-channel graphic link to a circle of friends, you can receive a free laundry basket to a store, and free of charge cashmere family members.

Second, members Maijiu

During the event, members of customers enjoy the following promotions:
1, Maijiu fashion male / female cotton T-shirt;
2, Maijiu value of 100 yuan of cashmere brand cashmere product family METTE a cash voucher;

Note: The above final interpretation of the Crown family of cashmere.

Shuangnan store indoor display Figure VI


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More exciting, please accesible detailed consultation!

2016 spring and summer METTE cashmere family

Infant and children’s clothing METTE cashmere family

Cashmere family store in Chengdu Shuangnan
“JJ smoke near West Green Area, Xinyu hills litchi cooked.” “Aqua Azure can not afford to dust, wind and warm wins Shaanxi.” This time cashmere cashmere clothing boutique family METTE carry with you a taste of luxury with beautiful Hibiscus Town, taste cashmere gives you the warmth and joy.

All Apparel and Cashmere Collections above can be customized and OEM lable, Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

For more Cashmere wholesale and distributor agreement, please consult accesible


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