May, flowers and flowers, shade like the sea, everything is filled with good and hope of the spirit, cashmere family METTE Accumulate, once again sail, for more people to bring a pleasant dress to enjoy.

May 14, cashmere family Xi’an Science and Technology Road shop grand opening, store style display, elegant beauty clothes, enthusiastic clerk to your home like the clothing experience, more new store curtain surprise gift, only to meet with you.

Xi’an shop Address:
Xi’an Yanta District Science and Technology Road No. 299 Albert Mansion 2 Unit 1 10103
Yanta District is located in Xi’an South City plate, is the core area of ​​Xi’an city, because the area has a world famous historical and cultural relics named after the Wild Goose Pagoda, the entire area contains deep historical accumulation.

Xi’an Science and Technology Road shop is located in Yanta District Science and Technology Road 299, close to Metro Line 3, convenient transportation; surrounding residential quarters, hotels, banks and bustling shops around, set business and living in one, bring more convenient and more comfortable Choose clothing.

May of Xi’an, straight into the summer season, the average maximum temperature of 34 degrees, day and night temperature difference of 17 degrees, cool evening. Cashmere family suitable for the best people choose elegant spring and summer new products, thin cashmere sweater, gentleman men, happy children’s clothing and comfortable home series, meaning the design and elegant quality decorate your cozy life.

Cashmere family to simple, elegant Italian design for the tone, the pursuit of quality and excellent workmanship, adhering to the urban women to create a beauty of the concept of enjoyment, free interpretation of the unique charm of women.

A quality US clothing as a close partner, accompany you through the year after year song years. Love cashmere, warm heart as ever, cashmere family is willing to accompany you accompanied by Yue enjoy a better life.

May 14, 2017, cashmere family Xi’an Science and Technology shop grand curtain, look forward to meeting you with the beautiful.

New store opening activities

May 14 – May 28th
Xi’an Science and Technology Road shop


1, new customers for VIP members, you can receive a cashmere bags of health bags

2, METTE brand products, a single consumption of 1,000 yuan less than 100 yuan, and so on, not on the cap

3, more surprises welcome to shop details.

In addition: To celebrate the opening of new stores, the first two activities in Xi’an Xiaozhai shop at the same time open

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