The spring breeze proudly
See Changan flowers on one day;
Northwest Changan,
Poor countless mountains.
The history of Xi’an is too strong and heavy.
Xi’an’s generous handwriting is too rich and broad.
Just find a place
Arbitrarily say an allusion,
Its grand brilliance
Almost all can light the entire world.


In countless times
Xi’an’s spring is finally
Gone are the different fashions
Flying expectations
On April 11 beautiful blooming
The style from Italy
Cashmere Family METTE
Xi’an Longines Bay Boutique opened its grand opening!


Cold Winter quietly left
It also brought your own spring gift…


Cashmere family pays attention to every detail
Autumn and winter are famous for cashmere, and the fiber’s fashion is integrated into it.
In spring and summer, cotton, silk and silk are the main raw materials.
Natural and comfortable
Fine silky make perfect fashion clothes.
Bring you a unique wearing experience.

Xi’an Longqin Bay Shop
Opening time: 2018. 4. 11

Address: Fengcheng Wulu, Weiyang District, Xi’an City
Longines Community 1-1-2

Opening activities:
1. New customers will be free to deal with cashmere family VIP members.
You can receive a cashmere family gift
2. There are more offers and surprises
Welcome to shop inquiries

The bright lights in the store will set off.
The unique charm of cashmere family
A delicate new spring and summer,
And classic wild cashmere sweaters,
According to style, color neatly arranged.

2018 spring and summer light luxury wind hit
Say goodbye to high profile
Walk gracefully in the spring flowers
The Pursuit of Love and the Pursuit of Pure Life

Italian-style design based on simple and stylish
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high quality raw materials
Remanufactured with strict environmental standards

Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
An urban elite that aims to pursue a quality of life
Provide comfortable commuting experience

Whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter
Cashmere Family METTE
All the way with you…

Xi’an Longqin Bay Shop
You are welcome to check in

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