Zhongchun in March, green plum such as beans Liurui, peach apricot fangfangzhuo. March 16, cashmere family Shanghai longevity shop grand opening!

The Longevity shop indoor display map one NEW STORE # new store address #: Shanghai Putuo District Changshou Road 72 cashmere family.

Longevity shop indoor display Figure II

Changshou Road shop on the brink of subway line 13 “Jiangning Road” station, south of Jiangnan Mingzhao – Jade Buddha Temple, the northeast of Shanghai Railway Station, the surrounding commercial development, densely populated, transportation is very convenient.

▲ icon in the red position for the Putuo District Changshou Road No. 72

Shanghai, Oriental Paris, the bustling ten foreign market, rich oriental style, modern commercial buildings, do not have the charm of the Shanghai architecture, are fascinating places. Located in Shanghai Putuo District, longevity Road, is the old public concessions where, as the western suburbs of Shanghai, a main road, commercial flavor. “Like the old tour on the Court, such as the flow of water as a horse.” It is the portrayal of the bustling streets here.

Longevity shop indoor display Figure three

Cashmere family choice in Putuo District Changshou Road to open a new Italian cashmere clothing store, pure Italian style encounter Shanghai diversified commercial corridor, and instantly with the history and heritage complement each other, integration.

Longevity shop indoor display Figure four

Opening activities
Buy a fine square to send a fine (a limited number of finished delivery);
METTE products pay a single full 800 yuan by 100 yuan, and so on.
Note: Special discounts and METTE 50% off the following products do not participate in this event.

Longevity shop indoor display Figure five

# Surprise #
>>> buy to send a fine square a <<<

6 styles and colors to choose from
Fun spring, play beautiful dress
A square scarf
Can change the temperament of a woman
That fine and beautiful
Elegant and noble
Is the dream of thousands of women dream

The warm spring of spring
Warm the neck with a scarf
Into the finishing touch of the overall shape
Silk material
Very elegant and dynamic
Modulation of a woman’s style

Spring breeze, peach blossoming, oblique wind and rain, when cool, a fashion cashmere cardigan, not only concave shape, but also to withstand the cool cold chill. A bright long paragraph cardigan, with the US skirt, denim cowboy, highlight the spring vitality.

Sensible spring-like warm and soft, met all the beautiful scenery when the recovery. Cashmere family 2017 spring and summer new design inspiration comes from the colorful spring nature scenery – pure, romantic, warm, elegant, simple and pure cashmere family, elegant and elegant design style of the same strain.

Jiangnan weather in March, capricious fickle. Today or sunny, the next day will be cloudy, the temperature straight down, cold like winter. Spring cover autumn cold, to resist the chill, it is better to wear a soft and comfortable jacket, will let you feel warm in the spring rain.

As an Italian-style cashmere dress
Blend of classical and modern style
Let you in a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere
Enjoy a unique shopping experience
Cut three-dimensional, simple style
Pay attention to line sense and profile
Designed to show elegant and lattice of a single product
Shanghai longevity Road 72 cashmere family
We are gone

The picture above comes from cashmere family

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