Nanchang, a city of history and culture, although there is no “north wide” of the hustle and bustle, Xiamen romantic, Xi’an classical, but the red “hero city” bold image blooming charm new look.

July 11, the cashmere family METTE with pure Italian style into the red capital, the taste of the hero city of the “red” style, Nanchang Square South Road store grand curtain.
/ Nanchang Square South Road shop /
West Lake District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Square No. 156 South Road


Nanchang, located in the north of Jiangxi Province, Ganjiang downstream, Jiangxi Province for the political, economic and cultural center. August 1, 1927, shocked the “eight one Nanchang Uprising” started the first reaction of the Kuomintang reactionaries, Nanchang thus “hero city” and the world famous.

Nanchang in the 21st century accumulated a strong red cultural heritage. August 1 Nanchang Uprising to commemorate the tower carving “declared the uprising, attack the enemy camp, cheering victory” three large granite relief, to reproduce the heroes of the scene. Nanchang Bayi Uprising Memorial Hall display the uprising photos, literature and cultural relics, to material memory, fine and intriguing “red feelings.”

By Nanchang different kind of “red style”, cashmere family METTE into the city, with simple elegance elegant style, for the city to add a touch of Italian style.

The new store is close to Metro Line 1 and under construction Line 2; the surrounding banks, shopping plaza, surrounded by the hotel, has a unique traffic and business advantages, for the better people to bring more choices.

July Nanchang, the maximum temperature of up to 36 ℃, the city filled with the atmosphere of the summer. Cashmere family METTE carefully selected US clothing, elegant skirt, cool T-shirt, wild pants for you to create free summer to enjoy.

Abandon the complex design, with simple elegance sketched out of the city life; cashmere family METTE ingenuity weaving, only for the most beautiful you.

July 11, cashmere family METTE Nanchang Square South Road shop grand opening, invites you fine light beauty clothes, more beautiful and romantic encounter with you.
Activity time: July 11 – July 23

1, new customers for VIP members, you can receive a fine cashmere family gifts
2, more surprises, welcome to shop details
Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be recycled
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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