Chongqing, known as a valuable city, close to the water and near the mountain, traffic aspect, mist filled with “mountain” unique style exudes charm. Cashmere family METTE would not miss this place, June 3, A new member join to METTE family, Chongqing Nanping store grand started!

/ Chongqing Nanping Store /
Nanping Pedestrian Street, Nan’an District, Chongqing City
Huigong Road on the 15th -1-22


Chongqing is located in the southwest of China, in addition to the well-known Sichuan spicy hot pot, criss-crossing the traffic is another major feature.

Eye of the Yangtze River: Yangtze River cableway, like a house walking in the air, take the cable car flying across the river, overlooking the night view of Chongqing, lights blurred, drunk intoxicated, it is a different fresh experience.

Intimate light rail and high-rise building meet each other, with a close relationship to Chongqing to bring vitality, light rail sometimes access to the air, sometimes lingering in the buildings, and sometimes into the clouds, interesting.

Through the charm of Chongqing traffic characteristics, cashmere METTE elegantly join into the city, with a different kind of Italian style to add a touch of romantic style, such as the mountain fresh wind, bring cool quality of life.

Cashmere family METTE Chongqing Nanping shop close to the track on the 3rd line, convenient traffic. Relying on the fashionable pedestrian street, surrounded by food and shops, located in Yuzhong District, separated by a river Nanping, the city has a more panoramic view of the night.

June in Chongqing, is about to enter the summer scene, the highest temperature has raised to 32 degrees, cashmere family METTE carefully prepared fresh summer: breathable linen series, smooth silk series and printing series, for the summer to bring a natural Cool.

Pure broken Italian style, interpretation of the elegant summer new posture. Cashmere family METTE look forward to your visit, multiple Gifts waiting for you.

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