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Female Free Coco Chanel
At the beginning of the 20th century, the great changes in society brought many changes to women, and the trendy neutral design concept began to sprout. Legendary designer Coco Chanel took inspiration from men’s clothes and added suits to women’s collections to make them more concise, light and stylish. This series of creations brought about major reforms in the history of modern fashion.


The current cashmere family METTE spring and summer


” Starting from material, cut, design
Three points to catch
This kind of fashion
a bit ambiguous
Professional neutrality

The neutral outfit will be handsome and capable
The shape of the elements into which
Neutral style from extreme
Rescued from the unbridled



Irregular and irregular stripes
Add silver silk
Gives a monotonous grip to add a sense of depth
Blended fabric feels soft and comfortable

Sexual collocation
Everywhere is casual handsome style


Simple short-sleeved striped shirt
An interpretation of the beauty of beauty

Slim tailoring design
Just right outline
The upper body is comfortable without a sense of restraint
To create the capable temperament of urban women


Navy blue super strong sense of streak
Two design models

NO1. Neat waist banding stripes
NO2. Profile cut and strong sense of tolerance

Skilled free and easy to detonate neutral stripe rhythm trend
Interpretation of METTE’s contemporary “beauty”
New Definition – Women’s Rights


Breathable natural linen
Refreshing light denim blue

Loose trousers cover the small breasts
Casual and comfortable trend
In the summer, more comfortable


Slim version is thin and white
Yarn feel comfortable and skin-friendly
As soft and breathable as silk

With simple suit pants
Immediately transformed into a neutral fashion woman

NO1. Short-sleeve section covers the flesh
NO2. Vest single wear inner spring and summer essential idol items


Colorful mustard green suit
Comfortable breathable linen

Loose profile is strong and inclusive
Leisure atmosphere is practical and convenient

Keep you every moment of the day
Feel comfortable and comfortable


Neutral wind has become an indispensable fashion in the fashion industry.
True, self, unconstrained,
This is what people do
Fascination with neutral wind causes.

METTE neutral springs and summers
Let women return to sexy
The true nature of loyalty to oneself

Follow your own heart
be yourself

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