New Year is coming

New Year is coming, it is more lively during the new year festival
Wear new clothes, wear a new cap and full of happiness
Happy New Year, everyone has a hongbao
Forget all the worries, Happy Happy
Happy New Year has come
Spring blows, with a smile
Take advantage of the good times in the spring
Wish you all the best, lucky in new year


A happy new year’s songs
Woke up the laughter of our childhood memories
New year is another year
In the dog year 2018 festival approaching
Cashmere family METTE Thank you for your trust and support over the past year
At the same time, I wish everyone a happy new year
Family happiness, all the best, lucky dog ​​year!


Every year when the year is approaching
All things and worries can be vanished
The Spring Festival we stayed together with our family is coming!

Can be full of joy to collect five lucky signs and win hongbao!
Long time no see friends finally get together!
Visit friends and relatives, eat everything we want , drink everything we want
Forget about weight & fat
Because this is our holiday, our New Year!


Although the Chinese New Year is a New Year’s wish for each of us
However, many comrades still stick to their jobs
Maintain the normal operation of our life
Here, METTE cashmere family sincerely wish them
Happy and healthy, happy family, a lifetime of peace


1, During the Spring Festival, cashmere family non-mall shop holiday time: February 15 (Lunar New Year’s Eve) – February 19 (Lunar 4th), February 20 (Lunar 5th) business start;
2, All shops reference mall holiday arrangements;
3, Cashmere family Tianzifang shop in Shanghai  won’t stop during the Spring Festival.

Cashmere family METTE


Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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