New Year’s Eve, meaning the old age to this evening and addition, even if the new year-old. New Year’s Eve night to express the fear of life. New Year’s Eve, meaning we put the past year’s hardship and regret down, full of hope and positive energy, sail in the new year set sail, to move on.


New Year’s Eve is the last night of the lunar month. After this day, the Lunar New Year officially began. So New Year’s Eve has a new welcome, Vientiane update meaning.











New Year’s Eve and the Spring Festival is connected to the end, is also one of China’s most important traditional festivals. Every family is busy or clean house, sacrifice ancestors, eat dinner. Influenced by the Han culture, New Year’s Eve is also the traditional festival of the Han Chinese culture circle and overseas Chinese of the world.













New Year’s Eve, since ancient times is the Chinese people’s sleepless nights, Shou Sui, posted God, posted New Year paintings, hanging lanterns and other customs. New Year’s Eve, Wanjia lights, the family gathered together to eat dinner, reunion dinner is about reunion, which is the Chinese people eat the oldest meal a year. Family happy to sit around a table, enjoy wine and food, enjoy the warmth of deep affection, and the festive warmth and festivity.

New Year’s Eve dinner is the eternal topic, New Year’s Eve on the table which are delicious food?

Some friends said, “I Zhuji in Zhejiang, is the hometown of Xishi, we have a dish here called” Xi Shi tofu, “is my family’s home dishes, tofu delicate and delicious, juicy delicious juice! There is also an annual dinner will eat” Reunion fruit “, a symbol of round and round.

“My family’s home-cooked food is dumplings, do-it-yourself package, a busy family, this year’s traditional dishes are innovative, change the package of vegetable dumplings, is a thick flavor.”

“My family is in Ningbo, Zhejiang, the family tradition is dumplings from sesame stuffing to glutinous rice flour all their own to do.Pork oil, black sesame, sugar and glutinous rice flour is an essential material for the production of rice balls.This year the grandmother will make dumplings Craft passed to the mother, I hope this road home dishes in my family from generation to generation.

“My family ‘s traditional food is round son, meaning a round and round, happy.Every Chinese New Year dinner table will appear all kinds of meatballs, fish round, tofu round to discuss a good luck.

“My family’s home food is the Hubei Jingsha pork, and Guangdong’s plum cut pork practice similar.Finish the first pork belly first cast after the frying oil to fry yellow skin, change the knife slice bowl, add seasoning cover鲊 pepper cage steamed, eat when the buckle Serve.

lotus root box, fermented round son, eight bowls, twice-cooked pork, Sichuan fish, the dinner is the taste of home.




















Of course, the most memorable taste is the taste of the home, the best dinner is always the mother to do the food. Home, always warm and quiet of our harbor, affecting thousands of wandering soul of the place. Thirty children this year, the most significant thing is a family together, reunion had a reunion.













New Year’s Eve,
no matter where,
Or how far away from home,
At the moment you,
Most want to do, must be home reunion.
The most common thoughts,
Is the most concentrated family,
A simple: “I’m back”
“Well, come back good.”
Hear this sentence,
I discovered family reunion.

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