When I was very hate wearing a turtleneck, now want to think fashion is really not a little high! This year’s all kinds of fashion wear to be sure to learn! After all,so warm and stylish single product really want to cherish!


Turtleneck sweater + skirt

Sweater and skirt collocation is very feminine, we are from a little girl can speak A word collocation, waist skirt with a tight fitting T-shirt, slim was high on it!


Can the umbrella skirt collocation looks ~ girl flavor, not the sweater tuck skirts, pull out will be more CHIC.


Pencil skirt tight, loose turtleneck collocation can slightly, the sweater plug a corner in the hem skirts, appear elegant temperament



Tight-fitting high-necked shirt with a long section pleated skirt or umbrella skirt, is estimated to be the most significant thin with the top three! Must learn! Especially the black style!


Collar sweater + pants

More basic and will not go wrong with the turtleneck sweater plus jeans ~ commute out of the street can wear ~ light-colored jeans to match the light-colored sweater, such as white, beige or bare pink ~ looks very soft


With the shoes can be knee-length boots ~ but demanding on the legs! You know ~ in the color mix, the color of boots and sweaters to be unified


The most classic with black tights, sweaters must wear wide ~ will look great legs very thin ha ha! Kendall and GIGI have a long skirt with a soft spot for this match


Want to fit the figure looks fit ~ to choose a tight-fitting high-necked sweater, with a suit suit ~ very suitable for workplace, even after dinner at the dinner is also nice ~ remember to put on high heels.


Small trousers of the Harlan suit pants with a high collar shirt is also very thin, there is an elegant British style ~ especially the whole body with a black really do not CHIC.


High collar sweater dress

The finale is the style of high-necked sweater dress! With knee-length boots ~ sexy was thin feminine


Can also be a high-necked sweater stacked in a vest or strapless dress inside ~ no matter with boots or boots, fashionable degrees are not questioned


High collar charm you have learned it?
No matter what is good with the ha ha!
Weekend go and choose one
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