Deep ice spring water, cold winter Pro, a time when the critical care body warm cold period. A hoodie that allows you to wear snow from the cold winter to grow warmth of all things spring. You buy the right?


Different from the previous cotton hoodies, this hoodie has a thin texture, in cold weather, suitable for personal wear, with hooded tide suit jacket to wear, or take a stylish vest, vest, can easily build Warm, texture, full sense of the street fashion dress.






Today’s luxury models are slowly return to the “daily models”, and cashmere texture hooded jacket can be appropriate in all occasions in life, the hoodie (hoodie) in the coat, with casual, but still there Texture, while attentively attire the attitude of transmission out.

























Although the hoodie from the United States spread to the European market across a number of years before the “serious” Europeans slowly accepted, and now designers have decided to let these “everyday” fashion style, a high, so We see a luxury attitude can also be accompanied by a single product in daily life, from time to time to pass a “care” and do not care attitude.

























A clothing to wear, omnipotent hoodie fashionable with more than so much Oh. You have from the poster of the streets of the king to find a map of the match with the inspiration it? If you do not want to wear too casual, coupled with a hat to wear the body can add luster to the body.




























Single product recommendation

Cashmere family METTE hoodies, leisure sports style, 65% cashmere 35% wool, two kinds of materials, combining the wool moisture absorption sweat and cashmere comfortable skin-friendly and super good warmth. In the details to bring advanced texture, allowing you to entertainment, or even to exercise, you can also dress very well.



























6264513 cap pocket zipper female cardigan 65% cashmere 35% wool
6164001 Round Collar Color Sweater 55% Cashmere 45% Wool

When a cotton hoodie and cashmere texture of the hoody appeared in front of you, who is more a heart will know. In the selection of a cashmere hoodies, in addition to comfortable texture, color and style is also very important. Gray This classic color is more suitable for Asians, in the choice of style, a just fit the models can make you look more spiritual, full of vitality.




























South of the winter, always wet and cold, rainy, a thin cashmere seemingly inconspicuous, put on the body but can play the best thermal effect, with the level of wearing a more ideal. North of friends, this zipper section hat hooded cardigan, in addition to indoor sports necessary, you can wear it to outdoor skiing, just need to add a vest or jacket, you can create a comfortable warm equipment.



























Even to the warm early spring, the weather turned warm again, wearing a single zipper cashmere cardigan, with casual sports pants, but also very suitable for the temperature. Usually appropriate exercise activities, such as practicing yoga, playing golf, running, wearing up “there are models.” You are not also this luxury “sportswear” to attract it?


Cashmere family METTE cashmere back to the ranks of personal clothing, this cashmere hoodie is the best example of cashmere material with the skin and automatically adjust the effect of cold and warm, whether indoor or outdoor wear is the most comfortable s Choice. Xiaobian summed up the advantages of this section of cashmere hoodies: inside and outside the home, good companions, sports upgrades, the attitude of the daily single product! Different mix, so you work, sports, leisure can be different.

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