Summer clothes unknowingly occupy the favorable position of the wardrobe.
Heavy coat exited the “stage of history.”
The temperature is getting higher and higherUPUPUP!

Join together# One-day printing single product challenge #

Open another summer with prints and make a veritable


                                                                                   # DAY ONE

A good week begins with a silk print.

Black bottom, covered with blue print, ethereal and elegant. Lightweight silk blouse with tapered straight leg pants for commuting and relaxation.

You can also choose a chic, flowing dress.

Exquisite lace treads highlight the perfect detail, the V-neck highlights the elegant curves of the shoulders and necks, and the skirts have a unique open-edged design on both sides, which radiates thousands of styles between actions.

                                                                                        # DAY TWO

Today’s mood is red: positive and enthusiastic. The red single product is definitely a sharp weapon in the summer.

The skirt has a large area of red print and is lively and lively. The design is simple but not simple, with black edges, increased layering; high waist styles, increased waistline, and slimming effect.

                                                                                      # DAY THREE

On Wednesday, memories and expectations of the weekend. At this time, bright colors are needed to drive a good day.

The same paragraph with different colors, bright yellow, like the cool breeze in summer, makes people feel comfortable and happy. White flowers adorn it, fresh breath blowing.

                                                                                    # DAY FOUR

On Thursday, stay calm and calm.

The gentleness and grace of women do not need to say anything. A piece of clothing is enough to express everything.

Flowing five-sleeved sleeve silk top, magnolia flowers leaping on it, beautiful and aromatic. With wide leg pants, comfortable and casual style, it brings romance in summer.


A skirt brought a good mood on Friday.

From the collar, cuffs to the skirt, the layers of flounces increase the overall layering. The small details of the waist tie, tighten the waist, smooth curve.

Wearing a ruffled print dress, “I” is the most elegant and energetic person in the summer.

                                                                                # DAY SIX

Saturday – Comfortable First Finish the busy work, rest on the weekend, of course, to relax.

The three-dimensional rotten blouse tops and the laces on the sleeves add cleverly to the feminine beauty of the woman. Loose version, breathable silk to create a cool summer.


On the last day, choose a seven-point digital print half skirt with a short sleeve top.

The low-key ink color echoes the upper body black, but it is different. Its romantic patterns, rich colors, strong bloom. Wild models, elegant skirt, to create a summer zero-tethered dress experience.

                                                         # One-day printing single product challenge #

                                               Together to create a beautiful early summer elegant outfit


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