Good News: Following the Hangzhou tenth directly managed stores opened in Hangzhou tenth cashmere family a Direct stores Moganshan Road through careful preparation on the morning of June 3 grand opening!

Store Address: Moganshan Road 220


Boutique In Moganshan Road Appearance

20160605_162755_001 20160605_162755_002

Interior store appearance

Moganshan Road south from the Ring Road, north to Xiangfu bridge to lead Mogan name. All along, all through Hangzhou Moganshan Road north-south traffic arteries, has a unique geographical and transportation advantages.

20160605_162755_003 20160605_162755_004 20160605_162755_005

New store opening special event # #

Activity time:
2016/6/3 (Friday) to 2016/6/12 (Sunday)

? some products Zhe
? into the store consumer Jisong laundry basket
? spending 588 yuan Ji Song value of 799 yuan a scarf

Bargain store opening,
Weeding prepare a number of US special beauty boutique clothing,
Rich product to meet your fashion needs,
Italian design to meet your pursuit of quality,
Gifts to buy gifts, constantly exciting!

20160605_162755_006 20160605_162755_007

Interior store appearance

Springair recommended several grass fashion attire, with a wonderful mix of maps, the first to see it now!


Temperament goddess
Ms. juxtaposition short-sleeved dark green, mature attractive women in the workplace everyday dress how little had understated dark green, khaki Slim pantyhose with light just right. A casual scarf resting on his chest, choose basic models black small square package, beige high-heeled shoes for the whole dress icing on the cake.


Uninhibited personality
Warm, bright and cheery orange bright spots, take the next navy wide leg culottes, white pair of casual shoes, uninhibited enough to highlight your personality.


Elegant goddess
Great to point sober and elegant with it! White linen dress with red rose bright scarf combination, there is a touch of déjà vu wash painting. Of a sophisticated look, pair of high heels to highlight your femininity.


Comfort IKEA
Say the weather in recent days, an exercise in “Ruofu Yin Yu started falling, even months without open, chilly wind howling.” Family classic cashmere cashmere cushions, slippers and cashmere herringbone cashmere blanket, can promote sleep, healthy, it is the perfect companion for your home to rest.


Refined gentleman
Men’s basic models hit the color collar T-shirt, black casual pants, brand name watches business, good texture briefcase, black shoes, watches and shoes can best demonstrate a man’s taste. Dress appropriately reflect courtly gentleman demeanor.


Urban influx of men
There is always a person, can the simple basic models wear clothing taste is not the same trend. Combination of light blue T-shirt and shorts, one pretending to be cool sunglasses, a pair of comfortable shoes, enough to make you shoot street dating Meilinandang!



Note: The above image is provided by an exclusive cashmere family, please indicate the source. The final interpretation of cashmere family.

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