Orange, also known as orange, warm, gorgeous, cheerful living wave.

Orange, it is warm colors warm colors make people feel the most brilliant colors, bright and colorful, like the California sunshine dazzling, like a spring-like citrus sweet and delicious. Reminiscent of the golden autumn, giving a sense of joy wonderful happiness.



Japanese studies have found that orange dress can bring live wave, hearty, easy feeling of closeness. Because orange sun itself has a warm, cheerful living wave, easily moving properties.


Great power power in the event for such comparisons often choose bright color clothes, round neck sleeveless orange dress with a light pointed high-heeled shoes, a girl full of vitality.

Jun boom year shall be credited to the most is when the orange orange green.


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Here to introduce a family of two cashmere orange clothes, this summer, so that the warmth of the sun everywhere!

White minimalist clean, sexy mysterious black, red and warm charm. Pure red is too bright, slightly depressed black, white, slightly monotonous, and slightly orange mixed with black or white, it will make more subtle bright warm orange to just good.

Style I
Women’s knit jacket hollow


10% ▲ 4260031 58% polyester 32% cotton

Women’s round neck orange shirt hollow, hole hollow design, full of fashion sense. Use has always been simple design, fine hollow design details in place, weaving a beautiful dream, to convey the feelings of the designer of the Great unlimited ignited.

20160605_170143_048 20160605_170143_049

With navy blue casual wide leg pants, calm and elegant, reveals sporty casual. With white pantyhose, there is a sweet and elegant among the warm feeling. With a dark blue dress, suddenly full of intimacy, like a mushroom cool like living next door playful waves.

Style II
Women’s openwork knit dress


10% ▲ 4260032 58% polyester 32% cotton

20160605_170143_051 20160605_170143_052

As the saying goes, orange orange. In color, the reddish orange than red warmer. This dress, hollow design, transparent sexy, fashion, comfortable, breathable, very suitable for summer wear. Can be equipped with a fine hand-woven handbags, lace straw hat, walking in the blue sea, the wind blowing fresh and romantic holiday!

It is eye-catching bright, cozy living wave. This dress polyester fibers, cotton and linen three kinds of synthetic fabrics, absorbing the advantages of each, fresh, breathable, comfortable and natural, soft and wrinkle. Traditional weaving, giving the clothes beautiful dream color.

Last summer to spring, colorful, under roses, parasol shade, the scenery unlimited, so you feel as I dress in summer dense!

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