Fireworks bloom ushered in 2017

Foreign air gray, open red, starry night blue, streamer camel
Cashmere family METTE
With a gorgeous and warm visual feast
Opened the beginning of the grand gathering of the party
Change from a dress
You are the best protagonist at the beginning of the meeting


Red loaded Cantabile, festive joy

The joy of good mood transfer
No color is more intense than red
No one is hotter than red
No love is deeper than red
Cashmere family METTE red series
Take you to explore the immortal charm of the red


Advanced gray, mature introverted

Simple atmosphere, full of high texture
And the classic black and white with minimalist neutral series
As the classic street fashion color
Filled with elegant fashion atmosphere
Put on the texture of clothing
In the party of a show of ascetic and mature style


Starry Night Blue

Deep introverted, the light hidden
As deep as the night
Such as the ocean as quiet
Exudes a mysterious and elegant atmosphere
Cashmere family METTE navy series
Allowing you to show mature charm in the party

Streamer camel

When the senior urban camel encounter classic black
A noble and reserved
But full of urban sense and modern
A low-key, pure, mysterious
The two meet on a burst of high fashion sense
Strong sense of the city
Allowing you to transform the city queen
This is the significance of the end of the party


Quiet night black

Is the most error-free choice
Is the most with the color
It is dignified and elegant, hidden power
Black and white is called the dominant color world
And any bright colors with together
Can highlight the charm of other colors
With a melancholy, simple, pure temperament



























Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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