Dress must be the best clothes, because the wear on a equal to wear on a ah, then with shoes and bags, this summer you can go out da Mimi. Today to talk about how girls in all sizes to pick their own dress.

The crude is a lot of arm trouble sister girls arm to try to put more meat collarbone, neck was thin these places exposed, so attention is attracted to slender collarbone and neck go up. For example, this year’s hot word shoulder, shoulder word can just put his arm to block the thickest place, but good highlights the collarbone was thin. To avoid selecting models like sleeveless vest and collar is likely to expose the shortcomings of hand rough shoulder style.


Girls across large Tuicu when choosing dress to avoid amplify these problems. Package hip skirt is totally unacceptable election, there is no line of dress pants and skirts decorated complex also do not choose! Because it is too cumbersome and floating chiffon prints only the visual expansion. Lower body more meat girls, you can choose some of the A-shaped skirt and high waist design dress. A dress can be just right to modify the lower body line, cover the shortcomings span width Tuicu. Waist dress not only significant leg length, and skirt length regardless of the length is not significant fat.


While many girls are eager to slim down, but very thin very thin sister, in fact, also have trouble dressing.
Those looks cool, dark loose money very simple character, they all can not wear thin. If the legs too thin, it is recommended not to wear short skirts, and the possession of a Tibetan legs, or legs appear to be broken at any time look. Do not wear loose money, because simply do not hold up, try to wear more slim skirt, waist to stand out. All elegant dress, soft material, more decorative layers skirt, are thin patent.

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A proper dress can well change the structure of the curve of the body to cover up lack of stature, to beautify the body proportions of magical effect. Sister who does not act, choose a suitable dress, make yourself beautiful for a whole summer.

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