Lunar New Year season, year flavor. How many small? Today, however, let us carefully review those years about small classic picture.













The eve of the lunar new year, also known as the “kitchen god Festival”, “King kitchen festival”. Why is it called “small”? Because we are accustomed to the year known as the Spring Festival prelude. The folk custom of the day, the ceremony’s report to the Jade Emperor God of the family of good and evil, let the punishment. Only to go home at night kitchen thirty years, so there are “stove” New Year’s day ceremony.

Year:the twelfth lunar month or twenty-four (the northern region: the twelfth lunar month twenty-three), is the traditional Chinese folk festival, also known as “small”. Han Chinese folk known as too small, is the festival of sacrifice Zaojun. This is because in the ancient over a small “official three three four boat five” tradition, that is, the official home of the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, the people’s home is the twelfth lunar month twenty-four, and water people is Twenty-fifth of the twelfth lunar month.











God made a good thing, the lower bound security. Han folk legend this day the kitchen princes to ascend to the Jade Emperor to report a merit, the stove is to send kitchen stove princes leave. So the people of the home of God, the attitude is very religious on weekdays, and very respectful. Send stoves with the working people of the Han nationality of the longing for a happy life, pray for the New Year to bless the gods of peace, good luck, peace of years.












People believe that the gods in the small years after the heaven, and they have no taboos, marry a daughter-in-law, hired girl do not choose a day, known as the “drive chaos marriage.” So the more to the end of the wedding ceremony, especially for newcomers.











Han folk custom of the customs, the origin of a long time. Zao Jun, in the Xia Dynasty has become a Han Chinese people respected a great God. In the Qin Dynasty, the sacrifice is one of the “Five Sacrifices” (the Five Sacrifices is the Sacrifice Kitchen, the Door, the Line, the Household, the Five Gods in the Thunder.) The other is the door, well, Mine, or that line, wells, households, kitchen, in the mine). Sacrifice stove to set up when the Lord, with a rich food and wine as a sacrifice.







On this day, although the days of the North and the South are somewhat different, but the general agreement. Sacrifice kitchen king, sweeping dust, cut window grilles, writing couplets, bathing and so on.









In all preparations to meet the New Year, cut window grilles are the most popular folk activities. The contents of a variety of animals and plants such as palm, such as magpies, peacock opera peony and so on.




















Busy for a year,
Spent more than and 360 days and nights.
The old year out and the new year.
The butcher sheep, special purchases for the Spring Festival beizu,
Outside you bought tickets,
Travel over land and water, return to hometown,
Family reunion.
today seems
Spring Festival has kicked off,
Cashmere family to accompany you to greet the new year!

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