People who care about  fashion trend must notice that fall and winter knitted apparel continuously being popular, it is almost every designer’s best favor.

The soft and delicate texture gives women a gentle and elegant style. Autumn wind comes, if the coil structure of knitted single product was made in to inner wear then it must be shinning the   the cool autumn.

Knit shirt, knitted dress and other knitted items under the big star, trendsetter deduction, flashing a light, increasing popularity.

NO.One Knitted vest | slim new styling

It is cold to wear summer apparel, knitted vest can be most suitable for the changing season, ZhouDongyu(Chinese pop movie star)  collocation skirt dress, not only thin, but also to show the charm of a Western style.

Want to be more modern, you may as well dress shirt, but also to cover up the small flaws of fat arm. Or as a inner wear, with a variety of early autumn coat combination, play cute and intellectual style.

Cashmere family METTE recommended for you:

Style one: 8274089
Half a collar, bring out the slender neck; with double hem fringed design, activate facial modeling in early autumn.

The sweater is composed of 100% cashmere yarn woven, lightness and soft waxy, upper body effect is better.

No.Two When the season | short sleeve sweater fashion

Ladies are tired of wearing the vest style, may wish to choose a short sleeved sweater. The slim version shows off the attractive upper body curve, the good rebound fabric, and the sense of tightness.

LiuShishi(Chinese movie star) was wearing a tight knit short sleeved collocation retro flared jeans, revealing the elegant tide smell, taste more more let the heart heart.

Cashmere family METTE recommended for you:

Style two: 8274044
If you want to have not apparel clashing in autumn, may wish to start a 100% cashmere soft short sleeved pullover.

Dark green and dark blue color design, to create a high texture of vintage, with a wide leg pants collocation, is beyond the passers-by.

No. Three The basic section of the all-match | long sleeved Pullover

Long sleeved knitted pullovers are basic, but because of its all-match, we believe that every year will enter a few more, every year, a new interpretation of fashion trendsetter star.

Fashion blogger Helena Boden in winter 2017 New York Fashion Week show on the street, simple sweater collocation wide leg pants, to bright small square, fashion feeling overwhelmed.

Cashmere family METTE recommended for you:

Style three: 8274072
100% cashmere Crewneck Pullover Sweater leisure, micro doll version shows young dynamic modeling; the sleeve mouth at the seam exposed design, bring a lot of leisure casual wear out, more not easy clash.

No.Four seasonal must knit cardigan

Knitted cardigan is also the season weapon, can withstand the cold weather and early autumn evening, easy collocation T-shirt, sling, dress and so most of summer.

Star Yang Mi (Chinese movie start) cardigan collocation shorts and play “clothes missing”, revealing a lazy, it can easily highlight the long legs.

Cashmere family METTE recommended for you:

Style four: 8274074
V hand embroidered collar 100% cashmere cardigan, made of imported machine woven, feel more soft and delicate.

Hem embroidered hand stitch stitch pattern is a big highlight, highlighting the texture, vaguely show the national style, style, medium and long styles, late autumn wear more warm.

No.Five timeless classic knit dress

A simple all-match knit dress is a timeless classic woman wardrobe. Loose fall, full of sense, self-cultivation curve outline, so that the body in no bondage of soft material to stretch.

Want a street pose, an easy fix boots collocation. Not only visually high, but also show you ultra high clothing products.

Cashmere family METTE recommended for you:

Style five: 8274030

The dress was woven from 100% cashmere imported machines, touched by fingertips, smooth and soft. Raglan sleeve design, more inclusive, straight version to cover the meat, different sizes are suitable for beauty.

A collocation boots a street, is a fashionable; winter long coats, warm and natural temperament.

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