Shawl collar, as a fashion icon, since the last century, the epidemic began in 80s, over the years the retro enduring. “Like a lion and the kitten’s vitality, with these words to describe the shawl collar jacket or sweater fits. From the American “smoking” inspiration, shawl collar sweater elements added, elegant and comfortable, a more uninhibited feeling.


In twentieth Century a large advertising retro shawl collar cardigan, popular in Hollywood. Soon become a trend, Steve from the movie star. Mcqueen, Paul. Newman to President Kennedy, with a great reputation of the influential man, they are fond of the shawl collar cardigan.


Shawl collar cardigan, have a kind of ineffable masculine and uninhibited, and irresistible men’s elegant charm. As a smoking jacket and woolen cardigan hybrids, simple fashion, showing more uninhibited attitude towards life.



A family of 2016 winter cashmere shawl collar cardigan with you to return to the retro.


8164019 men and 100% silver shawl collar cardigan cashmere
This cardigan coat, fashion, fashion sense. Black and white gray color mixed with the simple tone, full of advanced texture. All the other low-key date, routine business occasions, casual party, it is enough to give you the support foot scene.


European shawl collar, return the last century 80 ‘s retro, comfortable and beautiful. Very suitable for fashion men, urban white-collar dress. Shawl collar cardigan, is undoubtedly the most suitable weather in autumn, can be set in the suit inside for warmth, can also be directly with the shirt, tie, suit pants, wearing leather shoes collocation, show the depth of man’s freedom and grace.


8364033-8364035 shawl collar cardigan cashmere dress silver 100%
This cardigan and parent child models together in a large fashion, retro vu. Soft neutral color, delicate and noble cashmere, retro clothing type, the interpretation of the new cashmere fashion. Habits to develop from day to day, clothing products to be trained from childhood, dress collocation followed by adults must be right.


Collocation jeans, shoes / casual shoes, one side can be fashionable and unruly. Adorable baby and child to wear the same dress, to accompany him to the parents of the picture must be very seductive; retro shawl collar, little man out of natural gas field, such as high clothing products and high value of Yan parent-child combination will talent shows itself!

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