Dear Master, Hello, I am your wardrobe cashmere family, cashmere sweater, cashmere coat, cashmere accessories and so on my children, a few cashmere blended clothes is my side of the uncle nephew.

I am from the alpine region, with warm, soft features; early in the Kashmir region was excavated, was only for the British royal family. My worth is 10 times the wool in the transaction to grams of pricing, it was also called “fiber gem”, “soft gold.”

Me and silk are all delicate protein fibers, borers will be us as “nutrition”, so the biggest natural enemies is borers. The temperature warming, and to the annual dormant period, I need to wash away stains, dust, drying in the shade, storage in the closet, pest control moth.

Dear masters, I carefully prepared a practical knowledge of cashmere, spring and summer season, with it, coupled with your careful care, my vitality will be strong as ever, this winter to give you unlimited warmth.

Practical knowledge of cashmere care

Cashmere is a very precious natural fiber, with ordinary fiber can not match the warmth and comfort, careful care to maintain the vitality of cashmere, seasonal storage, cashmere family and your guard warm together.

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