Scorching summer in July, has just entered the Great Heat, the Great Heat throttle when the “dog days” in the “ambush” before and after, but also the hottest period of the year, the ground temperature is highest. At the same time, increased rainfall in many places, the air hot and humid, summer heat, it is easy to affect the life of comfort, and even physical discomfort caused by heat stroke. How to heatstroke sun in hot weather, the improvement of living comfort do? Today small to give you support Weapon.



Clothing: summer clothes, cool, health, comfort comes first, therefore, the choice of materials is especially important. Generally, silk, cotton, hemp and other natural fiber clothes, very suitable for summer wear. Smooth, silk clothes feel good with the best skin-friendly, combines comfort and aesthetics, can bring comfortable wearing experience for us.

In addition, according to British research shows deep red or navy blue fiber clothing is ideal sun protection clothing, such as the color of longer wavelength, it can absorb a lot of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thus protecting the skin from harm. The light-colored clothes do not have this effect of UV, light yellow cotton sun protection worst. In addition to the summer sun wear dark clothing outside the Department of chemical fiber fabrics, in style, should select some loose, such as trumpet sleeves, collar, wide leg pants, tutu skirt, stylish simplicity and cool.

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Food: summer season, dull, diet should be light. “Valley of meat fruit and vegetables, food nutrition, do.” Respected medical scientist Li particular ones health, his “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “From day eating a bowl of porridge, fasting is true, then for forbearance, the complement is not small, and very Rouni, and gastrointestinal phase too, it is the most wonderful diet. “typical sunstroke health porridge, lily, such as mung bean porridge, red bean barley porridge, gruel, pumpkin millet porridge. Watermelon juice, plum juice refreshing thirst quencher, will bring more cool and comfortable for this summer. In addition, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy and greasy food.


In terms of staple food, whole grains have better protection from the sun. It is rich in vitamin B which can effectively improve the skin’s resistance to the sun and resilience, reduce pigmentation. Tomatoes, has a strong ability of sunscreen. The study found that tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, lycopene, daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene per day, may be the risk of sunburn factor decreased by 40%. In addition, carrots, mangoes, papaya, sweet potato, pumpkin is rich in carotene, nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, have a good sunscreen.

Eat cold, sweet things, drink hot tea, proper exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Live: the summer heat, the home mat is essential, so that makes you comfortable wicker chairs cooler configuration. Summer, to develop the habit of napping, sneak in half an hour, enables the mind to rest in order to better put to work in the afternoon. In addition, a comfortable natural mat, cool but not ice, help to make your night’s sleep. Great room, put some fresh green plants in the United States and the United States. On the one hand, green plants make us feel comfortable, pleasing, on the other hand, it can purify the indoor air during the hot summer to add a coolness for our space.

In addition, swimming is more welcomed by the public in the summer program. It can not only lose weight, increase endurance, physical fitness, but also enhance the cardiac and pulmonary function, better for hot summer bring cool and comfortable. Clean, beautiful swimming pool, beautiful and charming seaside, how tempting! Improve summer comfort, feel the summer of passion, the skill to quickly get up.



Line: hot summer weather, do not want to tan sunburn, minimize out. Sun in the sky, almost equal to the surface temperature in 40 ℃, its lethality is not the average person can afford! Reducing the time for outdoor activities, and reduce the risk of heat stroke. Sister who does not want to be tan, umbrellas, sun suits, sunglasses and other essential travel companion. For car owners, it is to improve comfort: air conditioning appropriate to open the car, try to keep the air inside smooth, suitable temperature; maintain a good state of mind, safe driving; prepare the car on thin sunscreen clothing and gloves and the like, to avoid prolonged glare and sunburn.

For the summer out to play a small partner, natural to pick a mountain water the United States, the scenery is good, a good place to cool naturally the summer. Enjoy the natural scenery, back to nature, cherish and warm family moments. For your comfortable cozy holiday, Xiao Bian suggest that you do not go too many places people join in the fun.

As the Chinese traditional saying goes “people will feel cool when we calm down “. Enron wants to spend the summer in comfort, in addition to pay more attention than in the daily diet, but also to maintain a good attitude, meditation and health, positive, do more relaxed affair. Maintain peace of mind and spiritual joy is the key. How summer sun, hot summer weather to improve the comfort of life? What are your good ideas, you can tell us about the experience oh!

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