Ordinary colors have long been tired of?
Then redefine the palette
Abandon distractions and move with your heart
Harmonize refreshing colors
Ordinary style is no longer fashionable?
Then use the Italian style that always walks in the front line of the trend
Depicting eternal fashion


White Magnolia Series

The bright sunshine dispelled the loneliness of the winter
The roadside Magnolia has long stretched
Bathe in a harmonious spring day, emitting a sweet fragrance
Milky, silky moist white
More people want to stop and enjoy
Inspired by the charming magnolia
The designer picks the yarn that is most similar to its color
Woven a unique hollow carved stripes
Slightly puffed sleeves are as small and charming as Magnolia.


White Magnolia is as milky as white
Magnolia’s mealworms are equally enviable
The powder is white, subtle and euphemistic
Simple Italian style with elegant colors
Simple stitching of back chiffon and knit
Easily interpreting the elegance and uniqueness of Magnolia


Italian simple series

However, the simpler the design, the higher the requirement for design
Designers must look for innovation from the simplest elements
Even if only one piece of fabric has to be cut
Shows the exquisiteness and decentness of clothing
Yarn made from a mixture of silk and cashmere
Lightweight and silky, soft and skin-friendly, then
Different stitches show a unique and delicate texture
This is true of the classic eternal Italian style
Even if there is only one option
You can also entertain your imagination


As seawater as cool blue
Sparkling wave-like water wave texture
Weave a simple and elegant Italian style
Make people feel comfortable
Mixed fabric made of Australian cotton and organic cotton
Gives skin a good breathability
Let’s feel the comfort and tranquility brought to us by cotton in the midsummer


Silk jacquard series

100% silk for great comfort
It will definitely put you in love
Different colors with different colors
Weave jacquard elements create
3D stereoscopic effects full of futuristic technology
Make the whole outfit full of creativity


Loose A-shaped hem shape
In the breeze blowing more elegant
Under the unique profile cutting
No special pleat processing
However, it naturally exhibits the beautiful effect of pleated flounces
This is the perfect embodiment of the simple Italian style
Discard complex design concepts
Representing excellence in subtlety


The hot midsummer is when the sleeveless top is performing
Less loose A-shaped silhouette in the sleeve
More sideways “split” popular elements
No longer need extra trims and embellishments
Avoids stereotyped costumes
Added a fine detail of beauty


This spring and summer
With advanced colors and minimalist Italian style
Wake up your elegance and style!


Cashmere Family METTE
The above new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to shop selection



Italian-style design based on simple and stylish
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high quality raw materials
Remanufactured with strict environmental standards
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
An urban elite that aims to pursue a quality of life
Provide comfortable commuting experience


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